Meg’s Secret by Kelly Abell

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    I love the natural flow of the storyline and the realistic interaction between the characters. The emotions displayed by each character is so convincing,

    In this southern romance kindle book, Meg O’Banyon makes a mistake during her senior year in high school. She gets mixed up with football star Rowdy Rod Owens, and after one night of foolish passion, Rod, on his way to serve Uncle Sam, leaves her with a gift…one she knows her father will never approve of.

    Fearing his drunken rage, Meg flees on a Greyhound Bus with only twenty dollars in her pocket and a baby in her belly. Meg has struggled for ten years to keep food on the table for her and her daughter, Emma, and up until now has done okay. A visit to the doctor is about to change all that.

    When she gets the news of her father’s death, Meg uses the love and loyalty of her sisters as an opportunity to secure a future for Emma in case things don’t turn out as she hopes. As if dealing with her current burden isn’t enough, the sudden return of sexy hero, Rod from Afghanistan sends Meg into a panic. She’s never told him about Emma.

    Rod Owens is a jock with a passion for his country. Wanting to serve from the time he could carry a toy rifle, he dreams of an Army career. After being injured and released from the only job he’s ever known, Rod returns home to more than one surprise.

    The woman who’s haunted his dreams for years suddenly confronts him with two heart wrenching secrets. Rod must now determine if love and loyalty can overcome hurt and betrayal.

    About Kelly Abell:

    Kelly Abell
    Kelly Abell

    Kelly is the author of ten published novels. She writes young adult thrillers as well as adult romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance. Her aim is to write about gripping characters in tense situations that keep a reader turning the pages.

    She also spends a great deal of time helping other writers through her Writing Tips on her website and as an officer of the Paranormal Romance Guild. She is a proud member of the Florida Writer’s Association.

    When not writing, Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband of 30 plus years and her two college age children, when they find the time. She lives in Florida and enjoys all that living in the sunshine state brings, boating, fishing, beaches, theme parks, and more. Her favorite hobby is reading (what a surprise!) She likes Thrillers, Romantic Suspense, and Romantic Comedy.

    Review by Jasmine Denton:

    I loved this book. I jumped right in without reading the first in the series, but I didn’t feel lost. Kelly Abell does a wonderful job of creating characters; everybody in this book came to life on the page.

    The characters are both humorous and heartwarming, and I felt right at home with them. I felt sorry for Meg; she has a dark past and a bleak future and just needs a spark of hope (which she gets when her old flame returns). She is keeping so many secrets but we come to understand why.

    I think readers will enjoy this story of love and hope and the strength of a united family. I loved it!

    Review by Mac79:

    Once again Kelly Abell has written a priceless piece of art! I was honored to receive an ARC of this book before its release and Mrs. Abell never ceases to awe me with her original voice, flawless writing style and ability to transport me into the compelling novels she has created. Meg’s Secret is Book 2 of the trilogy following the O’Banyon sisters Mabe, Mara and Meg. I have read the first novel, Mabe’s Burden and just as Book 1 kept me captivated, Book 2, Meg’s Secret does not disappoint.

    The attention to detail the Mrs. Abell displays throughout the story kept me enraptured and I did not want to stop reading, even after I had finished the novel. I love the natural flow of the storyline and the realistic interaction between the characters. The emotions displayed by each character is so convincing,

    I actually felt like I was right there! Sharing the moments with them like I was a character myself! I have no doubt that Mrs. Abell will keep on spinning such charming and enchanting books and I am anxiously looking forward to the next installment of this series. The literary world has definitely found a rare jewel in Mrs. Abell and I hope she will continue to honor readers with her delightful and fascinating novels.

    I give Meg’s Secret 5 stars! It is well worth the read. And I suggest picking up the other novels written by this talented author. I guarantee you will be hooked!