Man’s Best Alibi by Tara Meyers

Man's Best Alibi by Tara Meyers Purchase:

    Do the dead man and the strange animal sickness have something to do with each other?

    Something strange is happening in the mountains of Sanctuary

    Veterinarian Ember Burns makes a grisly discovery and it leads authorities to the body of a man in the woods above her home. Although the circumstances are suspicious, the only witness is her dog and the death’s ruled a suicide.

    But things aren’t that simple. When Ember looks into the man’s local connections, it creates more questions than answers. Including the source of an unusual rock, and what he was really doing in the mountains.

    As a mysterious illness sickens the local animals, Ember’s battle to save them leads to a startling discovery. She races to prove both the cause of the animals’ symptoms and how the man died, but will it be too late?

    From Tara Ellis:

    At nineteen, I was recruited into a secret government program, where my memory was erased .. wait — that’s the outline for a potential book. Sorry, my real biography isn’t quite as interesting, but I’ll give it a shot!

    I live in the Pacific Northwest, and when I’m not writing, I’m out beachcombing with my dogs for sea glass or hiking in the rugged Cascade Mountains. It’s the perfect backdrop to fuel my creative genius. *rubs hands together evilly*

    You’ll find all my adult romantic suspense and cozy mysteries here, and on my OTHER profile (secret identity ;)) Tara Ellis, I keep my middle grade and young adult books. Check them out, You might like those, too!

    Review by suzybee30:

    Ember Burns is the new vet in town and is ready to open her doors to the community of Sanctuary. When Daenery, the dog she adopted, goes missing for a few days and returns with the hand of a dead man things get very interesting.

    The rest of the body is soon found and while police seem to rule it a suicide, Ember thinks there is way more to the story. After searching through the tent sight where the body is found, Ember soon discovers he was the original owner of Daenery. What did the poor dog witness? If that wasn’t bad enough, some of the local animals become seriously ill and are acting erratically. Do the dead man and the strange animal sickness have something to do with each other?

    Tara Meyers weaves a great mystery together with a little bit of potential romance between Ember and a hunky park ranger. I found myself unable to put the book down and wasn’t able to figure out the culprit under Ember was face to face with him.

    This is a great second book to the series and can be read as a stand-alone.