Manderston by Margaret Snowdon

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    Vivid detail which explodes in the mind with colours, texture, smells and sounds…as if you are right there in the action.

     A story of intrigue, mystery, tragedy and forbidden love, set in the age of Queen Victoria when the English aristocracy ruled.  Coralie Bannerman is strangely drawn to Manderston—the beautiful ancestral home of the Kirkpatricks in the heart of the countryside in the south-west of England.  She feels trapped working in her father’s inn close to a small fishing harbour. Hamish Bannerman is dangerously linked to a band of smugglers, and meets a sudden death, the secret of Coralie’s birth perishing with him.

    Alone and depressed at her uncertain future, she approaches the master of Manderston, Sir Alistair Kirkpatrick, a widower with an eye for the ladies, who employs her as governess to his youngest daughter, and the course of her life changes forever.  Coralie enchants Kyle Kirkpatrick from the first and he does all he can to protect her from his father’s scandalous intentions.

    But an unknown enemy aims to drive her away from Manderston. As Coralie gets to know Kyle, her feelings towards him change, and, when there’s a tragic death in the house, she learns the truth about Sir Alistair’s plan and leaves for the romantic city of Venice, Italy, where she faces danger and intrigue.

    When she returns, the secret of her true parentage comes to light and her love for Kyle Kirkpatrick is a forbidden love and she’s forced to leave Manderston forever. The path which she takes only leads her to more heartache and she flees from the man she marries for companionship, when she discovers his dark secret on the first night of their marriage.

    Would her husband pursue her? Could the facts of her birth be a mistake—a misunderstanding?  Had Kyle Kirkpatrick forgotten her and married another?  Would she ever find happiness and peace?

    Little did Coralie know she would learn much more than she expected—the truth!  But will it come too late?

    About Margaret Snowdon:

    Margaret Snowdon
    Margaret Snowdon

    Novelist of The Year Award – 2008 – 2009 – 2011 – 2012 – 2013.
    And Second Poet of The Year Award – 2010 at

    Margaret Snowdon lives in a small country village in England, with her husband. She has three grownup sons & a daughter, two beautiful grand-daughters and a loveable grandson. Both she and her husband are ardent readers and love to travel. Other interests: cooking, sewing, knitting and crocheting.

    She worked as a Personal Assistant, Accountant and Wage clerk in the offices of Consultant Structural Engineers and, on retirement, took up writing novels, short stories, essays and poems as a creative outlet.

    I mainly write historical romance, but also love to write about a wide variety of subjects within many forms of poetry, particularly nature and wild life. I have a book of poems and eight novels published and three I am editing. I have won many contests and the odd poem and articles of mine have been published in Countryside Tales magazine and in Collected Whispers (The International Library of Poetry).

    I have seven novels and a book of poems published.

    Review by alexgeorge:

    How could I not grant Margaret a full star rating!

    Margaret is amongst our most talented writers, a unique voice within a large group of talents. I am a writer who belongs to several writer’s groups and Margaret’s work stood out from the start. She is a Lady (note the capital ‘L’) who loves her homeland, England and ‘speaks’ from the heart –her works providing vivid detail which explodes in the mind with colours, texture, smells and sounds…as if you are right there in the action.

    Her characters are fully realised, fleshed out with weaknesses we shake our heads at, and strengths that make us proud. She knows her subject material very well and treads in familiar waters, Victorian settings, always E N G E L A N D, and the ‘e’ in the middle is intentional. She makes us love her world. I have enjoyed several of her works and this one shines like a true diamond.

    I take my hat off to this very talented lady….and it takes a writer to realise the true strength of another, because we can sympathise with all the effort it takes to make a work of art: I can imagine the sleepless nights, the thoughts and ideas milling in her head whilst she wove her magic.

    Review by Elgon B. Williams:

    What I love about Margaret Snowdon’s writing is the attention to detail. She creates each scene and setting with an accurate eye to the historical period of the work. I’ve read a number of her pieces now and am always excited to read another.

    She is a gifted writer whose talent is well suited to the historical romance genre. For those who have not grown up in Britain her explanation of the social structure involving the aristocracy in Victorian England is superb. As a Yank I’ve learned a lot about England from reading Snowdon’s work.