Maggie’s World by Gillian Jackson

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    Each character is dealing with her own specific set of issues, and they all tug at your heartstrings.

    Ellie Graham wakes from a coma to a strangely different world than the one she remembers. Sarah is a newlywed whose fairytale romance and marriage is turning into a nightmare causing her to doubt her sanity. Ruth, desperately longing for a child of her own is sinking beneath the weight of a long kept secret.

    Therapeutic counsellor Maggie Sayer is no stranger to grief herself and uses her skills to help these three young women. But Maggie’s own life has its complications too, her new husband is suffering from a degenerative illness and a past client returns to her door with problems she is unable to solve.

    Maggie uses every possible approach to give the very best to her clients, but not every story can have a happy ending.

    Review by Pandora:

    Gillian Jackson
    Gillian Jackson

    Once I started reading Maggie’s World I didn’t want to put the book down. I wanted to keep going to find out what happens to each of Maggie’s patients.

    Some of their stories are heart warming while others are tragic. I hope Ms. Jackson continues this series. Maggie is a wonderful character! Very well written and enjoyable!

    Review by Dallas B. Sutton:

    It was lovely to have this extension of Maggie’s story, the character at the center of the author’s previous novel, The Counselor. Again there is an intertwining of the stories of the clients Maggie sees in her counseling practice. The author develops each character well, so it’s natural to care what happens to them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and would recommend it to others.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    The use of strong plot and emotional content is evinced in Gillian Jackson’s writing. Maggie’s World is beautifully and complexly layered. In it, we are introduced to a variety of characters, Ellie, Sarah, Ruth, and most importantly, Maggie. (Maggie is first introduced in Gillian’s novel, The Counsellor.) Each character is dealing with her own specific set of issues, and they all tug at your heartstrings.

    Gillian masterfully interweaves each of her characters’ storyline in this tale, circumvolving characters to feature with each new chapter. This completely draws you in, as a reader, as you feel such empathy for each character. At the end of each chapter, you don’t know whether to stomp your foot in protest, because you want to know MORE about that specific character, or to cheer because you know you will be reintroduced to the plight of one of the others

    I thoroughly enjoyed Maggie’s World. I love Gillian’s writing style, as it carries me back to college days and literature classes filled with works of a decidedly ‘British’ nature. I was so happy to take a small glimpse into her world, through Maggie’s World! I will devour all of this amazing author’s works!!