Maggie’s Fall by Ricki Wilson

Maggie's Fall by Ricki Wilson Purchase:

    Maggie’s Fall is no fairy-tale romance. It’s a romance that unfolds in daily life — a world of responsibilities, disappointments, and work as well as loyalty, friendship, and love.

    Maggie McClellan is a single and single-minded woman whose sole purpose in life is to protect the M-Bar Ranch and the M-Bar Ranch family: her son, T.J.; Martha and Jonah (who have lived on the ranch as long as Maggie), the M-Bar horses, and one stray dog who knows all of Maggie’s sorrows.

    Maggie is smart. She knows how to run a ranch and how to keep her guests happy; she knows to stay out of Martha’s kitchen and not to leave Jonah’s tools lying around; she knows how to sooth a frightened colt and that T.J. worries too much for a little boy; but she doesn’t know how to stop an anonymous investor from buying out her leases.
    Maggie will not lose everything her parents built.

    Saving the M-Bar is the only way to keep her parents’ memory alive. When the pressure of holding everything together weighs too heavily, Maggie breaks a long-standing rule: she rides off alone across the M-Bar pastures without telling anyone where she’s going.

    Review by Allan Darman:

    I enjoyed reading Maggie’s Fall. What can I say about Maggie? She is a hard working woman with a heart of gold. I imagine Maggie as a beautiful woman; beautiful but not sexy, she is a ranch lady who can work with her hands and seems more comfortable in jeans than wearing a gown.

    She has the natural beauty which never ages because it reflects the beauty of her personality. She lives a tough life, but she is strong and never gives up. Alas, when it comes to men, she does not know how to test them to see if their feelings are true or not.

    Maggie’s story moved me; I became attached to her and at times wished I was there to help. That is to say that this book is so well written that the characters are alive, you feel their presence and their emotions as you turn the pages. It is a book which I will go back to. I wish to read more about Maggie, is she happy? What happens to her now?

    If like me, you like romance; but not the cheap/easy feelings/fairy tale romance, then you will love this book. If like me you like strong characters living real lives, then you will identify with them and love this book. If like me you love nature and the country, you certainly will love this book.

    I definitely will buy Ricki Wilson next book without a moment of hesitation.

    Review By Dream Beast:

    Maggie’s Fall has everything I like in a novel. The plot is well-paced and never contrived. The narrative voice is engaging and subtly reinforces the story’s sense of place, which is so grounded in authentic detail that I imagine the M Bar ranch must be out there somewhere in Texas.

    Most of all, the characters are complex and altogether believable. I feel as though I know them and can’t help rooting for them, hoping for the happy ending they deserve. But Maggie’s Fall is no fairy-tale romance. It’s a romance that unfolds in daily life — a world of responsibilities, disappointments, and work as well as loyalty, friendship, and love.

    And finally, the story is inspiring. This isn’t essential for me, but it’s a nice bonus. If you want to read a novel that reaffirms your faith in the goodness of people, despite their shortcomings, Maggie’s Fall is for you. Wilson has not just created a world that you want to believe. It’s a world you can believe.

    Review by Amazon Customer:

    I read Maggie’s fall in a matter of hours, because I could not put it down. It is a beautiful story with many emotional ups and downs. The imagery is so well portrayed that you feel like you’re watching a movie rather than reading a book.

    The characters are impeccably developed and I found myself relating to all of them, even low-down Bronc Weller. I don’t even drink coffee and I wanted to try a freshly brewed cup from Martha’s cozy kitchen, along with one of her cinnamon rolls.

    Witt is a dream man and Maggie definitely deserved him. T.J. and Tabbi, Martha and the sheriff; Jonah is the only one won needs to find a mate. The furry characters may be the best in the book. I loved reading about Jett’s life story and how he came to be such a force in is his family.

    I wholeheartedly recommend this book and look forward to a sequel!.