Lowly by Laura P. Angaroni

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    Laura has nailed the emotional flow of high school years. Little things turn into big things, misunderstandings become cavernous divides.

    I’m Lola, and I thought this year would be different. Just for once, I wanted to be a glass-half-full kind of girl. It’s 1981, and nice girls don’t curse.

    But the Demented Duo has been harassing me since middle school—cutting down my looks, my Christianity, my virginity. How am I supposed to control my anger when everyone at Sunset High School seems like they’re out to get me? They’ll embarrass me about anything.

    And then George strides in, and like magic, everything is better.

    If only it lasted.

    How will I ever clean up my mess and make amends? Can anyone still love me?

    Laura P. Angaroni

    About Laura P. Angaroni:

    Laura Angaroni was raised in the Oak Cliff section of Dallas and is proud to be from what some would consider the wrong side of the tracks. She attended Baylor University, where she acquired her economics degree and met her cute, New Jersey-born husband, Craig. Their first kiss was at the bear pit, and it wasn’t long before she decided it wouldn’t be so bad to have a last name that might be confused with a type of pasta.

    Their many adventures include the birth of their firstborn, a daughter, and later, a seven-year-long vacation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where their son was born.

    They’ve since touched down in the Houston orbit. Laura writes, coaches her teens, reads too much, and distracts the librarian at her son’s school with chitchat instead of shelving books. She just completed a four-year commitment with her church’s high school ministry and plans to chase preschoolers around the church nursery for a bit before returning to work with young adults.

    Website: www.laurapangaroni.com

    Review by Bitsy C:

    Okay. I finished reading Lowly today. I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around how to express just how much I LOVE this book…but I’m not as eloquent as the author. I could’ve finished it days ago, but I only let myself read a little at a time because I knew I was going to miss the main character when I was done.

    I laughed, I cried (that’s such a cliche’, but it’s true.) I was NOT expecting the big shocker! I thought it was going to be another teen novel with a happy little neat ending, ‘girl finds out her high school crush reciprocates her feelings and they live happily ever….until they break up’. Not. (don’t want to spoil it, so I’ll stop here.)

    I loved the lessons that she learned, about forgiveness (both giving and receiving), about true friendship, about God’s unfailing love for her … oh gosh I hope her senior year is continued for us!!! The author paints such wonderful word pictures.

    The characters are REAL. I love that they are Christians who mess up! I can’t wait for my youngest daughter to read it now; she’s going to love it.

    Review by Teacher Betty:

    When beginning to write, students are often told to “write what you know.” It is easy to tell that Laura has written what she knows – all about growing up in Oak Cliff (a real area near Dallas, Texas), teenagers (she has two), and life in high school (she was there just a few years ago). Lowly (Lola’s nickname) is a high school girl who’s on the drill team but while not part of the most popular group, she still has quite a few good friends.

    For some reason she is tormented by the Demented Duo, two boys who call her ugly names and often sink to much worse behavior. Lola, while smart and caring, also has a problem keeping her tongue (and often her emotions) in check. As a result, her problems with the Duo’s bullying escalate but on the flip side Lola’s young childhood friendship with George is rekindled when he breaks up with his girlfriend.

    The rest of the book is about Lola’s relationships with Earley, her best friend (despite being male), George, and her group of girlfriends as they encounter the trials and tribulations of high school…some quite tragic.

    Laura has nailed the emotional flow of high school years. Little things turn into big things, misunderstandings become cavernous divides, but in the end real friends really do look out for each other. The story is set in the 1980’s at Sunset High School, a real school in Oak Cliff.

    I’ll admit I was a bit overwhelmed at the beginning with so many characters being introduced, but eventually realized that that is just what high school is like – lots of kids, some more important than others. The characters are believable and relatable as is the story line. What I really liked is that a story like this could happen in any time and in any place – it’s the caring relationships that are important and help us grow. In Lowly, Lola grows when she is able to forgive herself and can ask for forgiveness from others.

    I highly recommend this book for middle- and high-schoolers as I believe most would be able to relate to a story dealing with adolescence in a thoughtful way and without profanity or indecency.


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