No Other Love by Lucy Kevin

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    A simple love story, but not short on intense chemistry and emotions.

    Come for a visit to Walker Island, where you’ll find stunning Pacific Northwest ocean views, men too intriguing to resist… and five beautiful, close-knit sisters who are each about to find their one true love. No Other Love is the second fun, sweet, and emotional contemporary romance in Lucy Kevin’s Walker Island series. This will be Morgan Walker & Brian Russell’s story.

    Review by Alima Livzletlivz:

    Lucy Kevin
    Lucy Kevin

    I totally fell in love with the second book in the series, No Other Love. This is one of the best romantic stories I’ve read and would be with me forever. Morgan Walker comes to Walker Island to develop her own line of organic makeup and cultivate on the Walker plot. Inevitably she meets her one and only love, Brian Russell, football coach and science teacher, and the one that she could never forget.

    A simple love story, but not short on intense chemistry and emotions, Brian and Morgan were just amazing characters. Utterly sweet, patient and just pure good human beings, these two give us a lesson in sublime romance and love as they continue to work together. Lucy did a brilliant job of etching Brian and Morgan, and reading them was a pure delight. I think Brian was just one delectable alpha male with his quite strength and immense faith in the power of love.

    A mesmerizing read indeed and Lucy is one fine writer par excellence! The third book in the series, “When It’s Love”, gives Rachel Walker her happily ever after. I for one can’t wait for Michael to make an honest woman out of Emily. I can see fireworks all the way.

    Review by Cobblos8:

    I liked this story of a makeup artist who finally realizes that she is “enough” without the makeup, but not without her “forever love” Brian. Morgan Walker is a woman in search of happiness as are most of us.

    She finds love early, but walks away from it thinking there must be more. Life intervened and she discovers where her future lies. Good characters. Good story. Ready for more.