The Loch Ness Legacy by Boyd Morrison

The Loch Ness Legacy by Boyd Morrison Purchase:

    1827: During a trek to Loch Ness, Scotland, a young Charles Darwin encounters a mysterious and terrifying creature that provides a spark for his evolutionary theory.

    2013: Almost 200 years later and across the channel in Paris, the Eiffel Tower is under attack. Only through detective work, intuition, and a judicious application of high-tech weaponry does former Army combat engineer Tyler Locke prevent a massacre.

    What Tyler doesn’t know is that the assault is just the beginning of a conspiracy so dark that it not only threatens the lives of those he loves, but could also ignite World War III. Racing against time to uncover Darwin’s centuries-old secret, he must solve a series of cryptic clues to find a manuscript that has been so cleverly hidden it hasn’t been seen since the Victorian age.

    Tyler’s quest takes him from the bustling tourist hotspots of Seattle to the splendor of Versailles to the remote Highlands of Scotland in a battle to reveal the shocking truth behind the legend of the Loch Ness monster.

    Review by Judy Cantrell:

    Boyd Morrison
    Boyd Morrison

    Boyd Morrison has done it again. Another action packed page turner,from the second paragraph to the end. The twists and turns of this book are genius.

    What a fun subject matter, the Loch Ness Monster. Is it real or not? The story he tells that involves this legend, is quite interesting and leaves you on the edge of your seat .

    The dark secrets of the Nazi regime become vital to saving the world from another World War. How can the legend of Loch Ness be pertinent to this story? Pretty brilliant how Boyd Morrison weaves these 2 worlds together.

    After reading all of Boyd Morrison’s books, he has not disappointed in his latest work. Another book that you can’t put down. What a great read!

    Review by BigBruce73:

    Having just read Morrison’s Loch Ness book, I’m anxious to begin another of his books. Morrison has a unique talent in that his story telling makes the reader believe that Locke and Grant are real people. Real in the sense that the reader knows someone just like Locke and Grant.

    I find it interesting that given the thirst of movie goers for action packed thrillers, there has not been a movie made from one of Morrison’s books. Any one of them would make a fantastic action film.

    If you have not as yet read Morrison’s “The Ark”, purchase it and be ready to be absolutely amazed at Morrison’s imagination, again. Also, his “Roswell Conspiracy” is a real page turner.

    Review by Mike Nichols:

    A fast paced adventure with a mix of love, terrorism, a few high tech gadgets, an old secret weapon, bullets flying, castles and Nessie. Something for everyone – and yet Morrison manages to blend it all into a very well done romp for his characters! Well Done!