Legally Undead by Margo Bond Collins

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    A reluctant vampire hunter is stalking New York City as only a scorned bride can.

    Elle Dupree has her life all figured out: first a wedding, then her Ph.D., then swank faculty parties where she’ll serve wine and cheese and introduce people to her husband the lawyer.

    But those plans disintegrate when she walks in on a vampire sucking the blood from her fiancé, Greg. Horrified, she screams and runs—not away from the vampire, but toward it, brandishing a wooden letter opener.

    As she slams the improvised stake into the vampire’s heart, a team of black-clad men bursts into the apartment. Turning to face them, Elle realizes Greg’s body is gone—and her perfect life falls apart.

    About Margo Bond Collins:

    Margo Bond Collins
    Margo Bond Collins

    Margo Bond Collins is the author of a number of novels, including the Hometown Heroes contemporary romance series, Waking Up DeadLegally Undead and Fairy, Texas.

    She lives in Texas with her husband, their daughter, and several spoiled pets. Although she teaches college-level English courses online, writing fiction is her first love.

    She enjoys reading urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of any genre and spends most of her free time daydreaming about heroes, vampires, ghosts, werewolves, and the women who love (and sometimes fight) them.

    Review by L. Jagi Lamplighter, Author of The Unexpected Enlightenment of Rachel Griffin:

    Legally Undead takes us on a spirited romp as Elle’s plans for a life in New York City with her fiance are dashed the night she comes home to find him being drained of blood by a real-dead vampire. (Can’t really say “real-live”.) Outraged, she stabs the sucker through the heart with her letter opener.

    So begins Elle’s fight with the vampires of New York. While she does get some help from professionals, what makes this vamp-romp different from the average is how normal Elle’s life is. Other vampire fighters get custom made stakes. Elle’s like the rest of us. She has to make do with chopsticks. And when she goes undercover, she’s stuck with the same sort of supplies you or I would use, were it us.

    All of which makes for delightful reading. Elle — a vampire fighter for the rest of us!

    Review by Carol: I had high hopes after reading the synopsis for this book. And let me tell you, Margo Bond Collins delivered on every level possible.

    Let me introduce you to Elle Dupree. She has her life planned out. She’s working on her PH.D and is engaged to her perfect match, Greg. Greg has just been hired on as a lawyer and all of their dreams are within reach. But everything changed the night Elle came home to find a vampire sucking the life out of her fiancé. But that was only the beginning. In a fit of rage, Elle grabs the first thing she sees, a teak letter opener and stabs the vampire in the heart. A group of strange men burst into her apartment and as she looks back at Greg’s body, he…is…gone!

    “It’s never easy to see an ex for the first time after you’ve broken up. Seeing an ex for the first time after he’s been turned into a bloodthirsty evil creature of the night is possibly even less easy.”

    I think Elle is my favorite female heroine of all time. She is sarcastic, smart, tough and sensitive at the same time, and just full of awesomeness. She has lost her fiancé, to a vampire no less, has been thrust into the midst of a band of vampire hunters, and she takes it all in stride.

    There are so many questions, though, that need answering. Who turned Greg and why? What is the connection to the law firm where he worked? After Elle is attacked one night by her ex-now vampire, Greg, the oh so handsome and very human Malcolm, comes to the rescue. He seems more than willing to help Elle solve some of these mysteries but he doesn’t know about the vampires. Does Elle dare tell him the truth?

    This book was so different than anything I have ever read. I loved ALL of the characters, well, the human ones that is. As I said before, there is plenty of humor but also, there is lots of vampire killing action, mysteries to solve, a love interest, crazy vampire ex’s, and so much more. I could not put it down. I was completely engaged until the very last page. Just when I thought things were winding down for an ending, well, let me just say that there were a few more surprises in store for me.