Kill the Competition by Stephanie Bond

Kill the Competition by Stephanie Bond Purchase:

    KILL THE COMPETITION is a delightful and humorous relationship drama with a strong police procedural plot to anchor the tale.

    Kill the Competition is a frothy, funny romantic mystery!

    There’s only one sure way to get to the top: Kill the competition….

    Four women who carpool to their jobs in midtown Atlanta learn that competition can be murder, y’all!

    Review by Harriet Klausner:

    Having just moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta, financial expert Belinda Hennessey adjusts to her new town. She knows that her new town is more expensive than her previous one and that the rush hour traffic into the city is unbearable especially from the north side. Thus she has joined those drives using the HOV carpool lane into and out of the city.

    Belinda works on an assessment whether her new firm Archer Furniture should acquire the mom and pop Payton Manufacturing. Her boss “Maniac Margo” wants the report done yesterday (weekend or not). Belinda concludes that the potential new addition cooked the books, but Margo tells her to be quiet.

    Stephanie Bond
    Stephanie Bond

    Reluctantly Belinda agrees being the new kid on the block and wary to make waves. Not long afterward, someone murders Margo with the evidence pointing towards Belinda due to the fiscal cover-up or a member of the car pool who have had run-ins with the now dead queen of nasty.

    KILL THE COMPETITION is a delightful relationship drama with a strong police procedural plot to anchor the tale. Though the romance between Belinda and police officer Wade Alexander is warm and fun to observe and the murder investigation cleverly intertwined into the prime plot, the tale belongs to the four female car poolers.

    Their outlook on Atlanta, work, and men forge a strong bond between them and make for a witty novel that readers will cherish especially if you ever been stuck in Spaghetti Junction (Atlanta’s most notorious parking lot during the rush hour).

    Review by Book Chippie:

    What took me so long to get back to Stephanie Bond? This book was SO much fun to listen to! I enjoyed getting to know Belinda, the main character. She moves from Cincinatti after an embarrassment that the reader doesn’t get all the details of until Belinda is under suspicion for murder much later in the book.

    We find out when her coworkers and friends do. The reader is definitely along for the ride and it’s a fab one.

    I don’t always dig the description of ‘romantic’ anything, but I made an exception for this one since it’s labeled as a ‘romantic mystery’. I thought of it more as a humorous mystery with a tinge of romance thrown in.

    Please do yourself a favor and find this book, whether handheld, e-book or audio. It’s super!

    Review by Marie59:

    LOVED this book.

    Life long good girl, Belinda Hennessey moved to Atlanta to make a new start after the embarrassment of her failed marriage. I know, a lot of marriages fail these days and nobody moves four states away, but Belinda didn’t even get the marriage certificate signed! So far, the start over is not going to well. Belinda has no couch, only one lonely living room chair and a TV that only gets reception when it’s raining. The closest male relationship she’s made since moving to Atlanta is with the voice of the helicopter traffic reporter she listens to on the way to and from work. Could things get any bleaker? What do you think?

    When asked to join a car pool with three other women from Archer Furniture, Belinda accepts. On her first day in the car pool, Belinda is recruited to drive in the nightmare Atlanta traffic. Running tight for a very important meeting, Belinda is worried about not making it to work on time. When she takes her eyes off the road for a second, she promptly plows into a police cruiser (oops) driven by Lieutenant Wade Alexander (aka Lieutenant Goodbody).

    The wreck flattens a tire, breaks out a headlight and does major body damage, including breaking the latch on her trunk. When she finally makes it to work, Belinda’s boss, Margo, is on the warpath and dresses Belinda down within earshot of her co-workers. Belinda snaps and tells Margo that if she’s going to be treated like that she needs a raise.

    Margo corners Belinda in private and lets her know that she was impressed with Belinda’s backbone and if Belinda will help her push through a merger with another company, Margo will make her CFO of the company. Belinda knows going along with this deal is wrong because she suspects some creative accounting but is too tempted by the promotion. Margo is a real witch and has alienated just about everyone who knows her.

    When her dead body ends up in the trunk of Belinda car, Belinda and her car pool buddies find themselves having to prove their innocence.

    The characters in this book are great. The car pool buddies are wonderful. There’s a good dose of the humor that I love in Ms. Bond’s books along with a little more mystery. You got to read this one.