Kill the Competition by Stephanie Bond

Kill the Competition by Stephanie Bond Purchase:

    Kill the Competition is a frothy, funny romantic mystery!

    There’s only one sure way to get to the top: Kill the competition….Four women who carpool to their jobs in midtown Atlanta learn that competition can be murder, y’all!

    Praise for Kill The Competition:

    “Stephanie Bond is in her usual rare form, and that form is utterly delightful. KILL THE COMPETITION is an excellent, fast-paced, sexy story. —AOL Romance Fiction Forum 

    “With a fast pace that moves the story along and smart snappy dialog between the characters, Ms Bond has penned another fascinating read that will leave her readers wanting more from this talented and imaginative author.” —A Romance Review

    “Ms. Bond’s talent for creating characters is superb, and you feel like you know them personally. Her narrative is so descriptive that I smelled the exhaust fumes along the Georgia 400 and I-85 to downtown Atlanta.” —AOL Romance Fiction Forum

    “DO read this novel.” —Publishers Weekly

    Review by Harriet Klausner:

    717j+wF6V+L._UX250_Having just moved from Cincinnati to Atlanta, financial expert Belinda Hennessey adjusts to her new town. She knows that her new town is more expensive than her previous one and that the rush hour traffic into the city is unbearable especially from the north side. Thus she has joined those drives using the HOV carpool lane into and out of the city.

    Belinda works on an assessment whether her new firm Archer Furniture should acquire the mom and pop Payton Manufacturing. Her boss “Maniac Margo” wants the report done yesterday (weekend or not). Belinda concludes that the potential new addition cooked the books, but Margo tells her to be quiet.

    Reluctantly Belinda agrees being the new kid on the block and wary to make waves. Not long afterward, someone murders Margo with the evidence pointing towards Belinda due to the fiscal cover-up or a member of the car pool who have had run-ins with the now dead queen of nasty.

    KILL THE COMPETITION is a delightful relationship drama with a strong police procedural plot to anchor the tale. Though the romance between Belinda and police officer Wade Alexander is warm and fun to observe and the murder investigation cleverly intertwined into the prime plot, the tale belongs to the four female car poolers.

    Their outlook on Atlanta, work, and men forge a strong bond between them and make for a witty novel that readers will cherish especially if you ever been stuck in Spaghetti Junction (Atlanta’s most notorious parking lot during the rush hour).

    Review by Huntress Reviews:

    Belinda came to Atlanta hoping for a fresh beginning to heal her heartache and embarrassment. It is not long before she is involved in a carpool with three other women at work. The morning drive is spiced with girl talk, gossip, writing a relationship Do’s and Don’t’s book, and the sexy traffic reporter’s voice. Then, life gets interesting.

    First, they have a car wreck, with a to die for cop. Then, Belinda begins breaking a few rules and confronts their “witchy” with a B boss, only to land a promotion as a result. Then, she runs into none other than the sexy voiced man and finds out there’s more to him than a voice. She is also discovering that she has an eerie amount of things in common with a dead woman. All of that would be fine, except for one thing, there’s a dead woman in her trunk, and it the top candidates for the killer are either Belinda or those closest to her.

    Whatever kind of book you want, you will probably find it in Kill the Competition. Laughter, suspense, passion, and female bonding all combine in this realistically complex and sometimes whacky book. Ms. Bond has created magic, and she pulls more than one rabbit out of the hat to surprise her readers.