Jet – Stealth by Scott Bury

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    This is a true roller-coaster assassin thriller, no regrets.

    Once Mossad’s deadliest assassin, Jet is headed for a new, quiet life in a tropical paradise. But when a mysterious, handsome agent with no tradecraft but with brilliant blue eyes asks for her help to take a new stealth weapon back from the crime syndicate that stole it, she finds she just can’t say no.

    This addition to the JET Kindle World combines breakneck pacing and non-stop action with wry humor.

    The JET Kindle World features new books and stories by many authors, all based on the characters and world created by bestselling author Russell Blake.

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    About Scott Bury:

    Scott Bury
    Scott Bury

    Scott Bury is a journalist, editor and writer living in Ottawa, Canada whose articles have been published in newspapers and magazines in Canada, the US, UK and Australia.

    Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, he grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. He holds a BA from Carleton University’s School of Journalism. He has two sons, an orange cat and a loving wife who puts up with a lot.

    His previous books include the historical fantasy The Bones of the Earth, the erotic spoof One Shade of Red, and the World War 2 memoir Army of Worn Soles. Visit his website, Written Words.

    Review by Brooke Frederick:

    I’m a big fan of the Jet thrillers, and this newest one kept me riveted from start to finish, like the others. Maya a.k.a. Jet is a former Mossad operative, and this novella finds her in a hijacked plane over a fictitious Central American country, as the action begins.

    Her instincts avoiding bullets and giving back somehow always ring true as she picks off cartel goons and tries to sort out who’s with her and who’s against her. This is a true roller-coaster assassin thriller, no regrets.

    Review by Gail D. (Koalabear3):

    This book is a great addition to the Jet Kindle World books. Never a dull moment with Jet (Maya) is around. She thought she was going to relax on a tropical getaway until she runs into a handsome agent who needs her help.

    The book is very well written with non-stop heart stopping thriller action with a bit of fun thrown in too. It has a great cast of characters who never seize to amaze me. A very hard book to put down because I had to see what would happen next.

    I loved every minute of this book and hated to see it end!

    Review by D. Dorow:

    Bury’s written a page turner to add to the stable of JET thrillers. Dragged into a fight that isn’t hers, Maya ends up helping a guy in a fight against a powerful cartel. Drawn into it by his looks, his intelligence and attitude, Maya can’t help, but join in this adventure from beginning to end.