Island Casualty by D. R. Ransdell

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    Soon after his arrival, an acquaintance is murdered and Andy, caught up in the middle of a bad scene, fears he is the lead suspect. His vacation has suddenly gone haywire.

    Depressed about the death of a lover, Andy heads to the Greek island of Amiros for what he hopes will be a sex holiday with Rachel, another mariachi player. En route he meets a fellow passenger who accidentally leaves behind one of his packages. By the time Andy realizes the man’s mistake, his acquaintance has melted off into the crowd.

    Andy spends the evening searching the port for his travel companion to no avail. The next morning, the man is found floating in the harbor. In the island’s daily newspaper, a picture of Andy enjoying a cup of coffee with the victim advertises their so-called close connection.

    Worried about the newspaper’s claim that he and the deceased are spies, Andy turns himself in to the local police chief. Soumba laughs at the trumped up charges and tells Andy he has nothing to worry about. Andy would be happy to agree, but later that evening, he’s run off the road by whizzing bullets.

    Such dire circumstances force Andy to begin his own investigation of the drowned man, but instead of finding facts, he finds himself at the mercy of another assassination attempt. He offers to leave the island, but he realizes that the only way to keep his friends safe is by uncovering the truth about the drowning victim. The more he learns, the more he’s drawn into the history of the island and the complicated connections among its inhabitants.

    About D. R. Ransdell:

    D. R. Ransdell and Bandit
    D. R. Ransdell and Bandit

    D.R. Ransdell writes from Tucson, Arizona, where she enjoys good swimming weather most of the year. She has a mystery series featuring mariachi violinist Andy Veracruz (MARIACHI MURDER and ISLAND CASUALTY).

    During the school season she teaches composition to international students at the University of Arizona. She also moonlights in a mariachi band, which gives her plenty of ideas for murder victims. When vacation starts, she hits the road, leaving behind several mischievous cats.

    One of her favorite travel destinations is Greece, where she can devote afternoons to splendid beaches and evenings to bouzouki music. Please visit her at Author D.R. Ransdell.

    Review by Elise Holt: Poor Andy, after a failed romance in Mariachi Murder, a vacation on a Greek island in the Aegean Sea seems a perfect escape. However, soon after his arrival, an acquaintance is murdered and Andy, caught up in the middle of a bad scene, fears he is the lead suspect. His vacation has suddenly gone haywire.

    The characters in Island Casualty are well drawn, the setting is portrayed vividly, and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. All these elements make an entertaining read.

    Review by AZ Roger:

    Island Casualty is a worthy successor to Mariachi Murder, the first volume of the Andy Veracruz mystery series. Andy goes on vacation to a Greek island where he is so preoccupied with sex that I sometimes want to shake him and tell him to grow up.

    But Andy has so many endearing qualities that you want to follow him and find out what is going to happen to him next. Instead of Mariachi, Andy plays in a bouzouki band. There are adventures for Andy around every corner — indeed, he seems to attract them.

    On this vacation nothing goes as Andy had planned and, of course, there is murder!