Indignities by N. E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins

Indignities by N. E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins Purchase:

    A heartfelt story that includes love, murder, work ethics and values, different social classes and opportunities.

    COMPELLING HISTORICAL FICTION that traces the life of a young English immigrant woman who travels to America at the turn of the century to start a new life for herself. Encountering danger, romance, heartache and tragedy, she strives to fit into a world filled with prejudice, hatred and violence.

    The 1900 historical storm that devastated Galveston and killed over half of it’s population is recreated using accurate events that led up to the storm. The book is filled with an array of interesting fictional characters and creates an exciting plot that will keep you turning pages.

    One reader says: ““The Indignities series is incredibly powerful,” and it has received incredible review.

    N. E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins
    N. E. Brown and S. L. Jenkins

    About Nancy Brown:

    Having been the business world for over forty years, N. E. Brown retired and began pursuing a new career in writing. Wanting to bring the ideas of a younger generation, Ms. Brown collaborated with her daughter, S. L. Jenkins, to bring about a mystery that was both historical and suspenseful.

    Since many of their ancestors arrived in Galveston at the turn of the century, they continued to call Texas their home. Their combined efforts bring exciting and historical tales at the turn of the century to life in four epic books.

    Mrs. Brown is currently working on her fifth novel, Carson Chance, Private Investigator, Over the Edge,which will be due out in November of this year

    Amazon Review by M:

    Galveston: 1900: Indignities, Book One: The Arrival, by N.E. Brown, and S. L. Jenkins, is an exalted, heart-stirring work of fiction. It starts as Anna struggles to reconcile a tragic past and an uncertain future in Galveston, Texas. She has lost her husband, son, and daughter. She decides it is time to leave Sandgate, England with her oldest daughter, Catherine.

    Anne attempts to start a new job at the Grand Opera house — with disastrous consequences. The scheming begins after David Brooks gets her the job, and decides he has a ruse of his own. He is absolutely loathsome, and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    However, Anne and Catherine are finding a sweet new happiness together, in their new life. The story develops into a tale of lasting friendship, pure love, betrayal, unending suspense, and tragedy.
    While there are so many ways I could praise this novel, character development has to be one of the strongest. The central characters are all intricately fascinating. Catherine, in particular, is a most interesting figure; she’s uniquely creative, empowered, and the one with the most integrity. Although it is a bit of a slow start, the story is distinctly imagined, thoroughly researched and a brilliantly plotted novel. I will definitely read the next book in this series.