I Saw Her StandingThere by Marie Force

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    Will their clandestine romance lose its appeal or will their secret beginnings be the start of something lasting?

    There’s a budding romance on Butler Mountain, but in the hornets’ nest known as the Abbott family, keeping a secret is no easy feat….

    Colton Abbott and Lucy Mulvaney have a secret. Colton’s nosy siblings have begun to put the pieces together, but it’s not like Lucy to keep things from those closest to her – especially her best friend, Cameron, who recently moved to Vermont to live with her true love, Will. But Lucy isn’t about to tell Cam she’s having a fling… with Will’s brother.

    Flitting between New York and Vermont is exhausting, so Lucy is looking forward to a long weekend with Colton at the Abbott family lake house in Burlington. Too bad Will and Cameron have the same idea, and once Colton and Lucy are caught red-handed (and red-faced), will their clandestine romance lose its appeal or will their secret beginnings be the start of something lasting?

    Review by Georgia:

    Marie Force
    Marie Force

    Colton Abbott – after you read this book, you will never forget him. He’s a hot, sexy, rugged mountain man who will steal your heart. This is the third book in the Green Mountain Series and is a companion novel, which can be read as a standalone, though you do get to see characters from the previous two novels.

    Colton lives on his mountain where he runs the family’s maple sugar business. He doesn’t have any electricity, running water, or telephone, something that has never bothered him too much until he meets Lucy Mulvaney. He’s crazy about her. She is the best friend of his brother Will’s girlfriend Cameron.

    There’s only one problem, and that is a big one. He lives in Vermont and she lives in New York…..and neither can move. Determined to make it work, Cole pulls out all the stops, while Lucy can’t help but fall into his charms, despite her reservations. Their romance is one of those that just makes you want to curl up in a chair and not get out until you are done reading it.

    The story, as well as the characters will capture your heart, make you swoon, smile, and Force delivers on the sexy times as well. 

This is my first Marie Force book and I can’t wait to go back and read the first to books in the series.

    If you love contemporary romance, then I Saw Her Standing there is one that you will definitely want to pick up.

    Review by TR:

    Marie Force is back with her third book in the Green Mountain series and this one doesn’t disappoint. In fact, I would go as far as saying it is the best book in the series.

    I wasn’t really into Lucy all that much based on what we learned of her from the 2nd book in the series but my opinion of her quickly changed.