Hushabye by Celina Grace

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    A missing baby. A murdered girl. A case where everyone has something to hide….

    On the first day of her new job in the West Country, Detective Sergeant Kate Redman finds herself investigating the kidnapping of Charlie Fullman, the newborn son of a wealthy entrepreneur and his trophy wife. It seems a straightforward case…but as Kate and her fellow officer Mark Olbeck delve deeper, they uncover murky secrets and multiple motives for the crime.

    Kate finds the case bringing up painful memories of her own past secrets. As she confronts the truth about herself, her increasing emotional instability threatens both her hard-won career success and the possibility that they will ever find Charlie Fullman alive….

    Review by Ken Brimhall:

    Celina Grace
    Celina Grace

    At last, a mystery that delivers and doesn’t creep you out. I’ve had my fill of crucifixions, mutilations and acid baths, all graphically described. Must dead body be pilled on dead body (a minimum of six) to have a mystery? Of course not, and Hushabye is proof. Someone murders the nanny and kidnaps Charley, a three-month-old baby.

    Detective Sergeant Kate Redman (a newbie) is assigned to the case, a puzzling one indeed, for no ransom note is forthcoming. Everyone is a suspect. The person I felt responsible turned out to be a victim. The mystery is there, for any amateur sleuth to decipher. But there’s more. There’s Kate’s story. She has a life, although not a particularly pleasant one. She has a mum who drinks too much and a past she wants to forget.

    The writing is straight-forward and concise, as a detective novel should be. The author doesn’t shy away from the occasional four-letter word. Her feminine side comes through in phrases like, “There was something slightly unsettling about her expression, something slightly too much of the cat that got the cream.” I found this novel superb because I got all I needed to know and none of what I didn’t.

    Review by Dorothy “DottieH:” My title – Murder, Intrigue, Human Frailties, Real People – says pretty much how I feel about this book. The author has done an extremely good job in bringing true life to her characters. In other words, her characters could be anyone we know in real life. Some authors show their characters as living the perfect life with the perfect mate, with the perfect house and the perfect kids… you get the idea. Other authors don’t give their characters a humanity. Celina Grace does and it pays off in the depth of her story.

    DS Kate Redman is new and finds herself investigating a kidnapping of the son of a wealthy man and his eye candy wife. Charlie Fullman is only three months when he is kidnapped. his aloof father barely reacts. his mother falls to pieces. As Kate and her fellow officer Mark Olbeck work the case, the amounts of secrets, lies, and emotional difficulties they uncover in their investigation will boggle your mind.

    The story is well written, true to life, and spell binding. The story is easy to follow and understand. The characters are just so well written it is amazing. The characters have many twists and turns in their emotional baggage. Kate and her partner work hard to get to find Charlie. Kate does some curing of her own emotional things as she works.

    For those who hate sex scenes in their stories, there are none. For those who love to delve into the inner working of the human mind and the emotions people carry, boy is this the book for you.