How to Be a Christian Psychic by Adrian Lee

How to Be a Christian Psychic by Adrian Lee Purchase:

    Using the Bible as reference, historian and psychic investigator Adrian Lee, a devout Christian, digs deeply into religious beliefs that appear on the surface to denounce the work of mediums, healers, and psychics.

    He explains these passages clearly and in historical context, challenging Christians to understand the deeper meanings and various settings in which these passages were intended to apply, so that the bible’s true message can emerge.

    He also explains his work as a healer and psychic investigator, showing how Christians can safely and effectively use their own God-given psychic gifts to help others.

    Review by Kathleen Marie Blixrud:

    Adrian Lee
    Adrian Lee

    Would it surprise you to find out the bible not only mentions psychic activities but promotes them? In fact, if you have these gifts, not only can you use them, but you should be using them.

    This is the point being made in the book “How the be a Christian Psychic” by Adrian Lee. Lee is an accomplished theologian and also able to communicate with spirits and do energy healings. Despite his deep faith, he is has been called out as doing the work of the devil and that he is evil.

    This started to bother him, as he knows the bible front to back having read it multiple times. He knows the verses that speak of psychic abilities, taking to the dead and healing with one’s hands. He has prepared this book as a personal defense and a reference for others facing the same criticisms. In his work he has discovered he is not alone in this battle.

    He expects to receive criticism from Christians who have not read his book or studied the bible to the extent that he has. He also expects criticism from non-Christians who might object to his further stand that if you have these gifts, you not only should be using them, but using them as a Christian, not a pagan, Wiccan or any other faith.

    For the Christian psychic, healer, medium, ghost hunter and more, this book will much needed resource on one’s shelf. It is full of discussions of relevant Bible verses as well as Lee’s extensive personal experiences in these areas. If you are an open-minded Christian, Lee’s witnessing of his faith is moving, and may even rekindle your own.

    Review by Val:

    I am so glad that Adrian Lee has written this book “how to be a Christian psychic” It is exactly what I needed at this point in my life!! I have struggled with the knowledge that I am a medium and also a Christian… I did not know how to merge the two… or even if that was possible until I read this book.

    It has brought so much peace to my previous struggle with this topic. I wish everyone would read this book– whether you have psychic gifts or not, it is an amazingly well written book that brings clarity and understanding to the Biblical passages that “seem” contradictory to being psychic & a Christian!!

    Thank You Adrian Lee for the deep research you have done in order to accurately determine that the Bible is actually NOT saying that psychics/mediums are evil! God has given gifts to His children & we need to boldly come out of the “phychic closet” and give ourselves to God so He can use our healing gifts for the good of all.

    Get this book!!!