Honest Fibs by Nicholas C. Rossis

Honest Fibs by Nicholas C. Rossis Purchase:

    In this science fiction short story collection, Nicholas knows how to spin satisfying tales with wonderful twists.

    mermaid turns out to be the perfect bait. A young man in the Badlands discovers that even in a post-apocalyptic dystopia, your basic business principles apply. And a man desperate to escape his life finds out he’s not the only one.

    These are just a few of the stories in Honest Fibs, a collection of speculative and science fiction short stories that explore our perception of the world around us.

    Is there more to the world than we can see?

    How far can we trust our senses?

    And in a digital society, can any of us tell what’s real?

    From Nicholas C. Rossis:

    Short fiction was my first love. As a young boy, my heart raced when reading Philip K. Dick’s short stories, my introduction to science fiction. His fiction crammed small explosions of pleasure into sparse, expertly narrated pages. His words carried me to strange, new worlds; worlds filled with limitless possibilities.

    Back in 2009, my own first short story was published. A few years later, The Power of Six, my collection of short stories, reached number one in its genre on Amazon.

    More of my collections soon followed. How can short fiction, so simple in its needs, yet elegant in its powerful prose, not be my favorite?

    Review by Jjspina:

    This book is an eclectic collection of short stories that are imaginative, creative, unusual and spine tingling by talented writer, Nicholas Rossis. These stories are a quick read that kept this reader swiftly turning pages.

    I have read other books by this creative author who also writes children’ books with a special and engaging flair. He writes in an easy flowing manner that enables the reader to feel as if he/she is a part of the story.

    I look forward to more reading enjoyment from his future books.

    Review by Mae Clair:

    This is a wonderful collection of short reads with one tale serving as framework for the others. John and Bob are on a fishing trip and begin swapping stories to pass the time.

    Cleverly done with fishing interludes between each short story, this is a fast-reading book that is hard to put down.

    The author knows how to spin satisfying tales with wonderful twists. My favorite was “Twinsies,” but all of the stories (including the main one) are gems.