Hidden Voices by Deborah J. Hughes

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    Hauntings in Maine

    WHEN MEDIUM TESS SHAFER hears of a tombstone marked with images of a witch’s curse, she decides to investigate the supernatural legend.

    From the moment she arrives in the small town of Bucksport, Maine, Tess begins experiencing intriguing paranormal activity and now more than ever, she’s determined to solve the mystery surrounding town founder Jonathan Buck and his cursed graveside monument.

    Hindering things, however, is strong, imposing male spirit. Who is he, what does he want and how in the world is he connected to the curse?

    He’s not her only problem, however, for her presence hasn’t gone unnoticed among the rest of Bucksport’s ghosts. Although she’s getting more than she bargained for, Tess reasons the place is haunted for a reason and she means to find out what it is.

    One thing for sure, the town has secrets and its ghosts have decided it’s time to bring those secrets to light.

    From the first book in the Tess Schafer-Medium series “Be Still, My Love” to this second adventure in “Hidden Voices”, Tess is learning to hone her medium skills and converse effectively with the dead. In book 3 Vanquishing Ghosts Tess’s faith in her ability is sorely tested! Book 4, Rosemary’s Ghosts, will put Tess through her most terrifying experience yet!

    About Deborah J. Hughes:

    Deborah J. Hughes
    Deborah J. Hughes

    Deborah Hughes was a normal kid living a normal life when she moved into a haunted house at the age of seven. Suddenly she was sharing space with dead people and experiencing the bizarre world of the unknown and the uncanny. An over-active imagination did not, at first, serve her well for she feared what she did not understand. Learning to read opened her to the world of books and she read everything she could find about supernatural and paranormal phenomena.

    The more she read, the more she learned and the more she realized how little she knew. This has led to a lifelong search for knowledge, truth and enlightenment. Constantly inspired to write, from the age of eight she began telling the stories streaming like movies through her mind. Although determined to grow up and become a writer, her sense of adventure led to a career in the United States Air Force.

    Despite a busy and demanding life, Deborah continued writing the stories that came to her in flashes of inspiration and her quest for knowledge continued. Her military career now behind her, she is focused on her lifelong dream of being an author and sharing the stories she’s been so compelled to write. Deborah would welcome any comments or questions you may have, please email her: deborah.hughes@rocketmail.com or visit her blog at www.deborahjhughes.com.

    Review by April Hughes:

    Hidden Voices, the second novel in the Tess Schafer- Medium series, was cleverly written with strong characters and a mystery-filled plot. The story takes place in the beautiful, historic town of Bucksport, Maine where Tess finds herself intrigued by a mystery concerning the haunted monument of Bucksport’s founder, Jonathan Buck.

    Many stories and tales have circulated by the locals concerning the cursed monument without anyone really knowing what happened. The author has cleverly managed to weave Bucksport’s history in with her own take on the monument. What happens when you combine an old mystery with spirits determined to have their story told? You have a book that will keep you up at night just so you can get the answers you so desperately want.

    There were moments in the novel that sent chills through my body and moments where I couldn’t help but chuckle. If you’re looking for a great book to read, I highly suggest Hidden Voices. I’m looking forward to the third one in the series!