Haunting Ground by Deborah J. Hughes

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    This author has a philosophy of life and death and our soul knowing our destiny before it takes place.

    While visiting friends in her old home town, Tess becomes involved with a couple of puzzling paranormal mysteries. Of course, with her ability that is nothing new. Determined to solve it, she must also make time for the family of the man who killed her husband.

    Although she’s been able to get passed the tragedy and move on with her life, they have not. The more she gets to know them, the more certain she becomes that there is more to their story than what they are telling her.

    Stranger still is the increase in paranormal phenomena. All of which tells her there is much more going on than troubled ghosts needing help and a family in turmoil.

    Answers to her growing pile of questions need to be solved and quick. The messages to “help him” are becoming more urgent and so are her feelings on the matter!

    There is more at stake here than settling past hurts and putting spirits to rest. But can she solve them in time to matter?

    About Deborah J. Hughes:

    Deborah J. Hughes
    Deborah J. Hughes

    At the tender age of seven, Deborah Hughes moved into a haunted old farmhouse with her family. Sharing a home with dead people is sure to put a new perspective on things and once she was old enough to read, she devoured book after book in the hopes of gaining some understanding of what she and her family were going through. But the more she learned, the more she realized how little she knew. This realization has led to a lifelong exploration of the paranormal world.

    Although determined to grow up and become an author, her sense of adventure led to a career in the United States Air Force. Instead of making books she was making bombs, not quite what she expected to do with her life but she certainly experienced an adventure.

    Despite her busy life and demanding career, Deborah continued writing the stories filling her head and demanding to be told. It’s a calling no writer can ignore.

    Now, with her military career behind her, she is finally focused on doing what she loves most…writing the kinds of stories she loves to read. Stories that involve her interests in the paranormal, the supernatural and the spiritual (though she does like to throw in some romance if it can be worked in!)

    She hopes her readers will be as intrigued with her books as she is!

    Review by A. ainsley:

    Deborah Hughes is fabulous! She has extensive knowledge of the spirit world and aside from that is a phenomenal writer. I (and others from what I read) are addicted to Tess and Kade.

    Never a dull moment and hard to stop reading to continue with life once getting started with Tess’s and Kade’s adventures. Start with the first book and work your way up to the most recent.

    Review by Pdk:

    This author has a philosophy of life and death and our soul knowing our destiny before it takes place. I like her philosophy because it gives me peace to believe that when someone we love passes on that their soul has accepted this is the time for them to leave; and their life here is completed.

    Review by Marigrah60:

    Tess once again returns to New York and visits her friends. She is there to buy a wedding dress and spend some time with old friends. She also has a mission to talk to the man’s family that was involved in the death of her husband.

    The spirits she encounters include the man responsible for the accident. You must read the story to find out what happens. A really good story.