Haunted by Her Past by Kim Cox

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    What a powerful book, scenes so intense I felt I was there in the room.

    Paranormal Investigator, Lana Malloy, is faced with the task of helping a domestic abuse victim escape the ghost of her dead ex-boyfriend.

    Jena Edwards escapes a bad relationship in Georgia only to be ambushed one night in her new Charleston home. When she’s attacked, her only option is to protect herself. Her ex is killed in the struggle. She’s beside herself with guilt. What’s more, her now-dead boyfriend is haunting her and he’s more abusive now than he was when he was alive.

    Demi Lancaster, Charleston’s Police Chief, calls in a very pregnant Lana to help with the situation. Knowing Tony will worry if she tries to help in her condition, she tries to help from afar. She soon discovers it’s vital for her to be on the scene—stuck in the middle of an impossible situation.

    How can Lana convince a man who was abusive in life to move on so his ex-girlfriend can find the peace of mind she deserves?

    About Kim Cox:

    Kim Cox is an author of Paranormal, Mystery, Suspense and Romance. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina with her chain saw artist husband, their West Highland White Terriers–Scooter and Harley, and a Yorkie mix, Candi. She’s a mother and grandmother. Kim is published in novels, short stories and articles.

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    Review by Ann:

    Wow, author takes a very delicate issue and provides an awesome support circle for Jena. She was a nice surprise and I look forward to her addition to this series. Lucy is still on the job, lol. Lana is so hardheaded 😊,

    I feel sorry for Tony but he is such a good, patient man with her even though she still can’t resist putting herself in danger in order to help others. Despite Lana’s swollen ankles (sounds familiar), this odd trio is determined to get to the bottom of this paranormal mystery.

    I felt sorry for Jena and all she had to go through with Bryon but I was uplifted by all the happy, special, heartwarming moments intertwined throughout this tale. Another great addition to the series!!

    Review by greengoddess:

    What a powerful book, scenes so intense I felt I was there in the room with furniture flying but so poignant was the conversation between the mother and son spirits my heart was breaking a bit.

    It’s so easy to walk away and close our eyes to abuse but here is Lana stuck on bed rest seeing these visions of abuse and she just has to help. A quick call to her BFF gets the ball rolling. So much happening in this book fun new characters to meet and of course the welcoming of a new baby.

    Welcome Aidan!  I can’t wait to watch you grow up.