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     There is love and a beautiful romance,

    Professional speaker, Lindsey Foster is faced with losing her only child, Greta, when Greta is diagnosed with cancer. Desperate to be closer to her during this crisis, Lindsey heads to Simon’s Point, Wisconsin, where Greta lives. Although Lindsey finds her greatest joy from inspiring her audiences with the healing power of women’s stories, her heart aches over her inability to heal her emotionally distant relationship with her daughter.

    Divorced from Greta’s blustery dad, Brian, Lindsey is drawn to him now as they share their fears about Greta. She never expects to experience the drama of becoming involved with her ex-husband or to confront the dilemma of another man falling for her, especially Sam, her son-in-law’s widowed father. But Sam, quiet and reflective, offers more than friendship and becomes her refuge in this time of crisis.

    With her willingness to do anything to make her daughter happy, Lindsey makes questionable decisions and keeps secrets from Greta, causing more heartbreak. Feeling exiled once again, Lindsey faces choices that will define her future—and her relationship with her daughter. But will Lindsey ever receive Greta’s Grace?

    About Virginia McCullough:

    Virginia McCullough
    Virginia McCullough

    Fiction that hooks me and reels me almost always offers a glimpse into love, with all its imperfections, and families, with all their conflicts and heartbreak. That’s why I write stories that offer hope, healing, and plenty of second chances. –

    Virginia McCullough considers the day Miss Barlow handed her a library card as one of the most important days of her life. Born in Chicago and raised by parents who revered both facts and fiction, it’s no accident that Virginia has enjoyed a long career as an independent writer, first of nonfiction, and now as a novelist. As a ghostwriter/coauthor she has written over 100 books and edited many more. She and her clients have worked with major publishers, from Simon Schuster to Warner Books to McGraw Hill.

    Having lived in many places in the Midwest and the east coast, including seven years aboard a sailboat named Sojourner, Virginia sets her novels in some of her favorite places, from the Georgia Golden Isles to the Door County peninsula of Lake Michigan. Home is currently Green Bay, Wisconsin.

    When she’s not writing or reading, Virginia likes to travel–she’s been known to say yes to a trip before she knows the destination. That pull for adventure has led her to visit many places in the world by plane, train, automobile, tanker, and sailboat. She and her daughter, Laura, once shared a trip to Paris and have taken road trips to Colorado, California, and Arkansas. Her son, Adam, invited her to revisit life aboard a boat and sail with his family in the British Virgin Islands. Learn more about Virginia and her writing at and about her coaching at

    Review by An All-Nighter: I read until midnight last night and then got up at 4:00 this morning so I could finish Greta’s Grace before going to work. It’s that good.

    I love Lindsey, Greta’s mom and the real protagonist of the book. She means well, thinks she can fix everything and talks too much. Mostly she struggles with what all parents of grown children struggle with — how to continue her old role as a supportive parent while at the same time developing a new role, that of a woman whose emotional well-being is not totally dependent on the well-being of her now-adult child.

    As with her first book, Island Healing, McCullough’s strengths are in creating characters who are both believable and likeable and in evoking a place that is almost a character in itself. I’ve been to Door County, and McCullough describes it well – from Greta’s photographs to Al Johnson’s goat-grazing restaurant and the wonderful stave church in the forest.

    Are we going to meet these characters again in a future book? I hope so.

    Review by Wendy Kirkland: As a born and bred Minnesotan, Virginia’s description of Dore County and the Mid-West rang true enough to make me yearn for my roots.

    Greta’s Grace has had a little buzz swirling around it and I went out and got it as soon as it was available. I started reading at 8 pm and didn’t put it down once until I was done. It is terrific. No. It is so much better than that. It’s awesome!!! I’d even say it makes my “Best of the Year” list.

    You connect with the characters so perfectly, and experience Lindsey and her family’s struggles in such vivid detail that you are immediately drawn into their world of emotions.

    There are good day, great days, bad days and days of heartache. Yet deep inside, Lindsey always fans the little spark that somehow, someday, she will find love and restore harmony to her family, particularly as it relates to her relationship with her daughter Greta.

    Oh, there is love and a beautiful romance, but not before the time is right. Their’s is a journey and I promise you, well worth traveling with them.