Grave Surprise by Charlaine Harris

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    It is more an ambient psychological fear that I do not have the talent to describe.

    Twenty-something Harper Connelly has a gift. After being struck by lighting as a child, she discovered an eerie ability to locate the deceased. In Memphis, skeptical Professor Nunley wants her to demonstrate that skill at an ancient cemetery.

    There, Harper stands atop a grave and says there are two bodies entombed: one centuries old, but the other, a young girl named Tabitha.

    Review by Marti:

    Charlaine Harris
    Charlaine Harris

    I recently discovered the Sookie Stackhouse series and went through them so fast I was happy the author has other books. Oddly enough, I find Harper Connolly much more serious and much darker than the series where vampires are running around.

    I encounter the same problem as a previous reviewer; I want to finish the entire narration at once. While I was listening to this book about 3:00 am, I hugged my dogs out of fear. I would not say the plot kept me in suspense because it is apparent, to me, whom is guilty from early in the story. It is more an ambient psychological fear that I do not have the talent to describe.

    I have not been hit by lightening but I have another condition that makes me feel a connection to Harper. The example Harper Connolly provides me is a positive one – that maybe we can’t all mask our oddities and blend in with the crowd but we can survive and make choices to be healthy…

    I am fascinated with the author and intrigued by what background and knowledge provides the author with the talent to write such series as Sookie Stackhouse and Harper Connolly.

    Review by Kathy:

    I enjoyed this story. The protagonist is unusual with her gift–it is such a novel premise. It is not extremely suspenseful but it does keep you guessing for a good portion of the novel and the characters are interesting.

    As an aside, it does illuminate what ANY individual faces from the general population when they are perceived as “different”–be it her gift or something more common place.