Ghost Trouble by Deborah J. Hughes

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    Pain and loss are handled very compassionately by the author. New love is tentative and delicate and grows to a forever commitment. Tess and Kade are made for each other.

    When it comes to the paranormal, Kade’s girlfriend Tess is the expert. She is, after all, a very gifted medium. But when she goes out of town for a few days and things start acting up, he doesn’t have Tess to turn to. Besides, he’s thinking this particular ghost problem is his to deal with. An impromptu dinner party with new friends and old soon becomes something you might expect in a Gothic novel. But this is no story, it’s real and a sense of urgency is telling Kade that time is running out. The question is…for whom?

    Book 5 is Kade’s story but it continues the series and even begins to tie some of the other stories together!

    The Tess Schafer-Medium series is catching on with a strong following of paranormal enthusiasts who don’t mind Tess’s spiritual views, strange though they may be.

    This series begins with grieving medium Tess Schafer, who travels to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine and while helping two lovelorn ghosts, finds healing from her own heartbreak. With the whispered words Be Still, My Love (Book 1) Tess learns to overcome her grief and move on with her life.

    Her travels to Bucksport, Maine, to investigate the mystery of town founder Jonathan Buck’s cursed graveside monument has her investigating Hidden Voices (Book 2) from beyond and solving a mystery that has plagued the town for over a century.

    With more paranormal mysteries to solve, Tess decides to make her home in Bucksport, but she is soon busy Vanquishing Ghosts (Book 3) in order to remain there!

    When Tess answers the call for help on a small island on Silver Lake, she becomes reluctantly involved helping with Rosemary’s Ghosts (Book 4) and going through hell to do it!

    While Tess is away, her boyfriend Kade Sinclair is having Ghost Trouble (Book 5).

    And in book 6 Haunting Ground, Tess is once again confronting her past and the family she never thought she could face! Complicating matters, though, is a pesky ghost with the urgent message to “help him” and another intriguing spirit who has lost his memory!

    If ghosts intrigue you, then you might like this series. Though they can be pretty spooky and at times quite scary, they are more along the lines of a cozy, paranormal mystery. But beware…Tess’s beliefs in God and the afterlife play a huge role in these stories!

    In the supernatural thriller No Matter What, a small New England town finds themselves embroiled in a centuries old tragedy that will forever affect their souls if they don’t make right a past wrong!

    Review by Knockma:

    Deborah J. Hughes
    Deborah J. Hughes

    Another wonderful book from Deborah Hughes. The spiritualism and philosophy integrated into this story, in fact all of her books is awesome. She kick starts something deep inside of me that needs to evolve.

    Her writing is wonderful as are the story lines. The characters are people you wish you could meet. More please Deborah.

    Review by Adele Goldwasser:

    Pain and loss are handled very compassionately by the author. New love is tentative and delicate and grows to a forever commitment. Tess and Kade are made for each other.

    Each book, while handling the current trouble or problem, has their relationship growing until this book where Kade is front and center. We find out how he feels about Tess and her feelings and concerns while away visiting her family. I can’t wait for the next installment.