Four Play by Cindy Blackburn

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    Mystery that keeps you guessing until the end.

    Bad news comes in . . . fours? For romance author and former pool shark Jessie Hewitt it does. She hasn’t written a decent sex scene in months, she hasn’t shot a decent game of eight ball all year, and don’t even ask about her supposed love life.

    And just when Jessie thinks things can’t get any worse, a body lands on her car. Uber-hunky and altogether infuriating cop Wilson Rye suggests she concentrate on solving her other problems and leave the murder investigation to the experts.

    But does Jessie agree?

    Take a guess.

    Review by Elizabeth L:

    6546037Four Play is the 4th book in the Cue Ball Mystery series. Our leading lady Jessie is caught again in the middle of a murder mystery. Jessie lends her car to a young neighbor to take his date to the Junior Dance. Little does she know that hours later a dead body will be on top of the car.

    Homicide Captain Rye (who is Jessie’s fiance) wants to keep her out of the investigation, but as usual she just can’t do it. With the help of her neighbors Candy, Karen and Peter, Jessie sets out to solve the murder.

I enjoyed this book very much. This is a mystery that is well thought out by Ms. Blackburn.

    Ms. Miller’s narration is spot on and seamless from the previous 2 books. Ms. Miller’s attention to detail in creating each character’s voice draws you into the story.

I would recommend this book to my friends who like a good solid mystery. This book is appropriate for listeners 15+ years and older.

    Review by Med C:

    Mystery that keeps you guessing until the end. The neighbors within a condo building join forces to find justice when one of their own is accused of murder. Make that two of their own:
First a nationally renowned romance author is accused of the crime, the deceased having died upon her sofa.

    Of course, that gets the local yokel pain in the backside reporter on the rampage, hoping ultimately to end up with a national gig out of the situation…so much so that he relentlessly pursues her guilt in his reporting. Even after the deceased’ s girlfriend and heir, also a resident of the same condo & close friend of the originally accused. So the neighbors continue attempting to learn the identity of the true murderer.

    There’s no way such a deed could be done by one of their own… Or could it???