Forbidden Call by Martha Bourke

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    Action, Steamy Romance and Fantasy

    SHAPESHIFTER CIVIL WAR has spilled out onto the streets of Boston, Massachusetts and it’s up to the Order to keep the peace. The New Breeds, the eight most powerful shifter warriors in existence, must prevent the renegade Toltec from overthrowing the human race.

    Soaring Eagle has received the call to join the Order. The only problem is he doesn’t remember anything but his name. Injured while on the way to join his new brothers, he meets Ana, a mysterious female he’s immediately drawn to. Unable to fight the mating call, their souls bond. Just when it seems nothing can go wrong, he discovers that he’s fallen for the very enemy he’s meant to defeat. Memories flood back, and he’s torn between the ghost of his dead mate and an endless desire for a forbidden female. No matter how he chooses, there will be betrayal. But who will face the consequences – his new mate or his brothers in the Order?


    “Action, steamy romance, and fantasy. Perfect for the adult crowd who want to go beyond the PG rating.” ~Natasha Brown, author of The Shapeshifter Chronicles

    “Whoa – I had to read with oven mitts because my kindle was on fire with this hot new release from Martha Bourke!” ~ Tracy Winslow, author of Parenting Gag Reel

    “Forbidden Call is passionate, it’s raw, flammable enough to burn the pages. That kicks off a roller coaster of love -and fire-, a consuming protective instinct, courage in battle, and a fear of what may happen. Love in the midst of war.” ~ M.E. Martinez Fernandez, reader

    “The conflict of two people falling in love across enemy lines is a good old classic, and it works beautifully in Forbidden Call.” ~Frederick Lee Brooke, author of Doing Max Vinyl 

    Review by Reader Girl:

    Martha Bourke
    Martha Bourke

    Martha Bourke has started her new adult series off with a bang! I read and loved Martha’s YA novels (the Jaguar Sun Series), so when I heard she was coming out with an adult shifter series, I was was really looking forward to seeing what she would do. One Sunday afternoon later, I now know, and it is terrific!

    I loved the world that Martha created in her Jaguar Sun novels, so I was excited when I realized that in Forbidden Call we are still in that world (some months later) and that the novel includes a few cross-over characters (although you don’t have to read the YA series to read – and get completely caught up in – the new series). The story begins by reacquainting the reader with Ana, who has slipped deeper into the evil sphere of Toltec. Once she rescues an injured New Breed shifter (mortal enemies of Toltec), the action never slows down.

    The story is passionate, fast-paced, with lots of Martha’s trademark sarcastic dialogue. This one absolutely begs to be in your beach bag!

    Review by M. E. Martinez Fernandez: Having read the previous works from Martha Bourke – Jaguar Sun, Jaguar Moon and Revelations-, I thought I knew what to expect, a fast-paced, sarcastic sense of humor and a great story, but I was in for a big surprise!

    Whereas the previous installments – especially JS and JM – were more tender, romantic in a way that when you grow older you forget… After all, it was YA literature (a genre I LOVE!). Forbidden Call is passionate, it’s raw, flammable enough to burn the pages. The bad guys are despicable and the good guys are imperfectly perfect.

    Take SE, for example. This man loved, deeply, and lost, deeply. Somehow this second chance at love kills him, makes him feel as if he’s betraying the memory of his first mate, and yet the attraction to Ana is unstoppable -maybe deeper? Ana, still a member of Toltec, had sold Maya to her organization in JS. However, she repented and realized that she’d been used by ‘mommy dearest.’ That kicks off a roller coaster of love and fire, a consuming protective instinct, courage in battle and fear of what may happen. Love in the midst of war.

    All that combined with Martha Bourke’s fast-paced, sarcastic sense of humor and a great story.