Footprints in the Frost by Jackie Taylor Zortman

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    In Footprints in the Frost, Jackie Taylor Zortman interweaves a romance, a crime, police detection and court procedure into a story that’s skillfully written. The Colorado mountain setting is breathtaking.

    First place award winning novel, Footprints in the Frost. introduces homicide detective, Max Richards, and involves his life both on the job and away from it.

    When he is hand-picked by the chief of police to work a long and complicated serial rape case involving five beautiful victims with whom he must spend much time, his life with girlfriend and bookstore owner, Sami Murphy, becomes extremely complicated.

    Escaping from the city hustle and bustle to his beautiful and remote Colorado mountain cabin, the two of them attempt to relax and try to untangle the knots in their relationship.  What will happen to this couple who are tremendously bonded, but have to decide if their jobs and lives can meld permanently or if it would be better to go their separate ways?

    About Jackie Taylor Zortman:

    Jackie Taylor Zortman
    Jackie Taylor Zortman

    I am an award winner writer/published author and a former bookstore owner in a beautiful Colorado mountain tourist town. I’ve been writing short stories and articles since 1990.

    My first book,WE ARE DIFFERENT NOW, invites you to come along with me on my journey through death on the mountain. My 21-year-old grandson, Pete, died beside the river in the pitch dark of night after falling 100 feet to the rock-strewn canyon floor. Read the true story of what has been revealed to us since we lost this young man with the angelic face and born possessing an old soul.

    My current first place award winning fiction novel FOOTPRINTS IN THE FROST introduces handsome homicide detective Max Richards and his girlfriend, Sami Murphy. The two play an emotional tug-of-war deciding whether Sami can cope with the female victims Max must spend time with during a serial rape case and trial, as well as the numerous women who are drawn to men in positions of power.

    They escape from the stress by going to his gorgeous and secluded mountain cabin in Colorado to try and untangle the knots of their relationship and decide whether to part ways or cement the bond of their relationship.

    Review by Evelyn Cullett:

    In Footprints in the Frost, the author interweaves a romance, a crime, police detection and court procedure into a story that’s skillfully written. The Colorado mountain setting is breathtaking. Although the crime is a large part of the story, the reader is immediately drawn into the two main character’s thoughts and actions. Sami, the bookstore owner, is cautiously in love.

    She puts up with quite a lot from Max, the police detective, who says he’s also in love, but neglects Sami for long periods of time because of his job, and seems to be totally unaware that his flirtations and interactions with other women might cause her pain.

    Sami and Max stay in the reader’s mind throughout the story, as their ups and downs on the way to making a more permanent commitment will have the reader continually turning pages to find out if they will ever make it to the altar.

    Review by John M. Willis:

    A hard-nosed detective meets his match in a beautiful bookstore owner. Max Richards is busy trying to stop a serial rapist terrorizing the women in a Colorado town. Despite the long hours the investigation requires, Max still finds time to carry on a relationship with Sami Murphy.

    Although both have been married before, each secretly contemplates a future together. However, they wonder if the stress and time spent by Max investigating cases might be a deal breaker.

    Jackie Taylor Zortman expertly captures the flavor of scenic picturesque Colorado, as she describes the couple’s romantic escape to a mountain cabin. Her prose is beautiful, and the story has enough zip to prod the reader to turn the next page. It’s a quick, satisfying read most people will enjoy.

    Review by Marilyn Meredith:

    Though listed as a mystery, I’d classify this charming tale more as a romance with a touch of police procedure.

    Bookstore owner Sami, loves Max who is a police detective, but not sure if she’s ready for marriage. Max love Sami, but is too busy with investigating a serial rapist to spend the time with her he’d like. They share many common interests, but they have many obstacles to overcome before they can make a decision about their future life as a married couple.

    One of the big pluses of this story is the wonderful Colorado settings. I needed to keep reading not only to find out if Max caught his man, but also if how the relationship between Sami and Max would turn out.