Fiume – The Lost River by Branka Cubrilo

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    Branka Cubrilo manages wordsmithing like a painter manipulates his colours.

    WHEN A CHANCE MEETING with a mysterious, yet familiar, ‘Stranger’ at a party in Sydney sets off a cycle of memories, Beatrice Szabo opens Pandora’s Box which she had kept under lock and key for over seventy years: she left her native town of Fiume eloping with a famous writer, an event that provoked a local scandal and broke hearts and souls of a few families for several generations.

    When Beatrice came to Vienna with her lover in the aftermath of the Second World War, she never dreamt that beautiful Vienna would not be her last destination.

    Under unfavorable circumstances she marries David Goldberg, a Viennese Jew; while the atmosphere of war engulfs Austria they witness ‘Crystal Night’ and the fear and panic that widely spread; she sets off alone on a journey through war and panic-stricken Europe only to find herself in a Faraway Land—strange, exotic and sleepy Australia where her life takes an unthinkable turn—“Freedom is another word for nothing left to lose.”

    About Branka Cubrilo:

    Branka Cubrilo
    Branka Cubrilo

    At the age of eighteen Branka Cubrilo wrote her first novel, I Knew Jane Eyre, and in 1982 it won the Young Writers Award. Soon after, she wrote a sequel to this story called Looking for Jane Eyre.

    In 2000, her next novel was published, Requiem for Barbara. In 2001, a new novel, Little Lies, Big Lies, was published. This was the first volume of a trilogy called Spanish Stories.

    Cubrilo had obtained a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to travel to Andalucia to research the cultural and historical settings of Cadiz. Upon her return to Sydney she wrote The Mosaic of the Broken Soul, a poetic memoir of a writer.

    Branka Cubrilo lives in Sydney with her daughter Althea.

    Review by artist Dr. Charles Billich:

    Branka Cubrilo manages wordsmithing like a painter manipulates his colours.
    Where Branka’s mastery is at its best are the ones filled with the bitumen, the sepias and the dark browns with depicting a de profundis typical of her ethos as a virtual historian fascinated by the dark side of the human experience.

    Review by historian John Williams:

    Branka Cubrilo is a writer of no small ability and merit.

    Branka, from comments by fellow Australian scholars fluent in the field of English and Croatian language and literature, contributes to the contemporary literary scene with an invaluable ability to succinctly and poignantly express complex and comprehensive issues within interpersonal relationships and historical settings into readable and flowing prose.

    Her prose captures this expressive capacity to confront the reader with magnetic interest and enjoyment.

    Review by Professor Penny Green:

    Branka is a writer of exceptional talent who traverses cultural, historical and linguistic barriers in her writing with a passionate fluidity.
    I have read Branka’s novel “Fiume – The Lost River” which tells the story of migration and place through the mysterious journey of a handful of characters. Branka’s work has the great virtue of capturing the essence of place and nation with a seamlessness found only in the works of great writers.

    Her writing is beautifully evocative and captures the sense of place and atmosphere in a way which is transporting for the reader.