Featured: Write Yourself Out of This One by Peggy A. Edelheit

Featured: Write Yourself Out of This One by Peggy A. Edelheit Purchase:

Review: “Samantha is a character you will grow to love, and her adventures will keep you laughing.”

This unpredictable, captivating mystery draws in not only Sam but the reader as well, as page after page of strange, threatening incidents begin to take place that make no sense, as Sam tries to dissect what makes this mystery so complex and hard to solve.

But then a startling secret is thrown at Sam when she discovers her reputation is also on the line, which unexpectedly includes her beginning to question Clay’s betrayal in their relationship.

If proven true, the end result would be heartbreaking to bear.

Sam suddenly feels herself turning into the one thing she had vowed would never happen again, someone susceptible, someone vulnerable, and has no choice, but to go to the one place that will give her the answers she needs–the truth, even if it kills her.

She must challenge everything before her world unravels into the predicted–her death.

With a handful of clues, including a mysterious note that somehow disappears, Sam works to solve her own mystery to decipher what all of it means before that ominous death date, literally written in stone.

As a reviewer says: “Samantha is a character you will grow to love, and her adventures will keep you laughing.”

Write Yourself Out of This One is the 12th book in Peggy’s, Samantha Jamison mystery series. If you enjoy an original story with unexpected twists and page-turning curveballs that leap from the page with snarky humor thrown in the mix, to throw the reader off their game, then you will love Edelheit’s suspenseful mystery.

Peggy A. Edelheit

From Peggy A. Edelheit:

Looking through the eyes of a widow is not an easy task.

So much comes into play, including perspective. As an author, I believe the subtle influences on one’s thoughts, like sight, sound, smell, and the imagery of expressed words, (which have always intrigued this wordsmith) are everywhere.

What is important is to recognize them for what they are when one is pursuing the truth because they can be used as a means to gently sway one’s focus, divert one’s attention regarding certainty, or mislead and cleverly distract.

Listen and look carefully. Interpretation is in the eye of the beholder, regardless of the circumstances.

Sometimes influences are hidden in plain sight, while others are embedded in semantics and behavior.

The key is to recognize the disparity among them when drawing your final conclusions when the truth comes walking in. Even then, the truth might never completely reveal itself. But then again, maybe it will…

Samantha’s Note: I heard stress wears on your nerves. Whether that’s true or not, as a protagonist, I reject the idea of losing mine, or that it’s my dumb luck I’ve survived this long to continue sleuthing, plotting, and writing about undreamed-of mysteries and how my crew and I manage to expose the final truth.

Review by A Cannady:

The 12th book in the famous Samantha Jamison series, “Write Yourself Out of This One” by Peggy A. Edelheit is another standalone hit or the next highly awaited plot for Sam’s loyal followers.

Famed author and self-proclaimed mystery solver Samantha is back in action when strange things start happening that no one can explain.

A death threat causes her to question everyone she thought she knew since the information that is being used against her is personal and could cost her the reputation she worked so hard on.

As her friends try to help her, she has to decide who she can trust and who has been against her. Could it be that Martha, Hazel, or Betty aren’t the innocent and clueless best friends she’d thought?

Or maybe Clay or Tony have it out for her?

Suddenly, Sam doesn’t know who to turn to, but she knows she has to find the truth before the tombstone she found in her yard becomes her real burial place.

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