Featured: When Zoey the Deaf Dog Went Missing by Roger Summers

Featured: When Zoey the Deaf Dog Went Missing by Roger Summers Purchase:


A special children’s story, a true story, that captures the heart and the imagination of the young and the young at heart.

A deaf dog disappears into a storm drain on a hot summer day,

An entire city seems to turn out to oversee the rescue as the city, state, nation – and, indeed, the world — worries and watches.

And, yes, finally they all have great reason to smile and cheer.

When Zoey the Deaf Dog Went Missing is a special children’s story for the young and the young at heart, which adds up to just about everybody.

Roger Summers

Meet Roger Summers:

Roger Summers has been a journalist for more than half a century.

He retired from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram but still considers himself a working journalist.

He also writes short stories and essays and is at work on a novel and a novella.

He produces a line of bookmarks under the brand name of SummerSights.

Summers also is a journalism historian, with emphasis on online newspapers.

He has won numerous local, state and national journalism awards.

He was a Congressional Fellow.

He spends time in England, Santa Fe, and Texas.

Review by Caleb Pirtle III:

I’m not a child, far from it.

But I love dogs.

They capture my heart.

Their antics make me laugh.

And when they are in trouble, my heart breaks for them.

Roger Summers has long been one of the country’s most admired journalists.

He knows his way around the written word and a good story.

Roger can take a true story and write it in a way that touches the emotions inside us all.

If you have a child or a grandchild, this is the perfect book to give for Christmas.

They will love the drama of the story.

And so will you.

By the time you finish reading to them, Zoey becomes their dog as well.

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