Featured: Under the Palms by Nancy LePetri

Featured: Under the Palms by Nancy LePetri Purchase:

The third book in the unforgettable and heartwarming Lake to Coast Series, a story of love and hope by Nancy LePetri.

Young lovers think they are escaping life’s pressures when they run away to south Florida, but there they uncover shocking family secrets.

Will their discoveries in tropical paradise bring them closer together, or drive them apart?

Can grudges give way to reconnection, before it’s too late?

The third intertwined story in the Lake to Coast Series, Under the Palms, gives readers new insight to familiar characters, introduces new ones…and entertains with multiple perspectives of The Sunshine State.

Nancy LePetri

Meet Nancy lePetri

Nancy LiPetri now writes in south Florida, after living on Lake Norman, North Carolina, for fourteen years. Her first two novels, The Wooded Path and Across the Lake, take readers to the town of Mooresville on Lake Norman, to experience the culture, seasons and lake life along with realistic neighbors and thus relationship drama. Locals will enjoy finding familiar names and facts throughout the stories.

To find out more about the area, visit NancyLonLakeNorman.blogspot.com and see Nancy’s Lake Norman board and In My Novels boards at http://www.pinterest.com/NancyLiPetri .

Nancy enjoys a good roadtrip, so Across the Lake also extends to North Carolina’s Outer Banks. And now that she lives in South Florida, Under the Palms, the third book in her Lake to Coast series, takes readers into The Sunshine State for new discoveries and a whole new array of relationship surprises.

Common themes to all three novels are infidelity, mortality, morality and love of all kinds. Content is adult; romance may get steamy yet not graphic. Nancy’s writing is often called vivid, realistic and relatable.

Her stories reveal a fascination with psychology and the power of the subconscious. Her characters often find themselves struggling with dark thoughts, confusion and temptations. What will they dare to share and act upon?

She hopes her various characters will reassure readers they are not alone in their secret dilemmas. Readers are bound to recognize a bit of themselves or a friend in the cast of characters. Above all, her stories are intended to entertain. She writes a fast pace to keep you flipping pages and looking for more.

When she’s not at her desk writing with her cat, you’ll find her at the beach (often with camera), practicing yoga with neighbor pals and working on her pickleball game (she and hubby play some mean mixed doubles). She also enjoys connecting with fellow wildlife enthusiasts, friends and readers on social media. Stop by her Facebook and say Hi.

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