Featured: Thriller Shots by M.J. Newman

Featured: Thriller Shots by M.J. Newman Purchase:

These gritty stories are definite reads for fans of gripping edge-of-your-seat Murder, Mystery, Suspense, and Crime Fiction.

MJ Newman brings you five short stories that’ll keep you guessing to the end. If Noir is your thing, then this collection of edgy Thriller Shots is for you.

Thriller Shots 1: A Random Act
She needs urgent help, but is the ‘Good Samaritan’ everything he seems?

‘It was the eyes. I saw something in them. A memory, a vulnerability, hidden behind the glazed mask. A different life, one I’d long forgotten. I didn’t need to get involved. A violation of my parole. The fact that I’d stopped, lingered a moment longer than everyone else on the sidewalk, that in itself was enough to put me back inside.’

Thriller Shots 2: Let Him Go
A disgruntled detective takes the law into his own hands

‘He’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, but the CPS won’t even bring him to account. So the system fails on the so-called lack of evidence. Now, would you really want me to go home on a Friday night and forget all about it?’

Thriller Shots 3: Long Time Coming
Alcohol and pent up emotions are never a good mix

‘I was so off my tits, I couldn’t bring my eyeballs down from the top of my head. I’d spent the entire evening slobbering into my beer like a gibbering wreck, much to Kyle’s amusement.’

Thriller Shots 4: The Homecoming
They’ve gathered for a family funeral, but who’s the uninvited guest?

‘I got choices. I could walk right up; tap any of them on the shoulder. They’d kill me in an instant if they recognized me that is. I’m not disguised, least not in the conventional sense.’

Thriller Shots 5: The Night Before
A drunken night out leads to amnesia, but what the hell is that smell?

‘My sudden movement causing my head to throb, a slow dull ache behind my left eye. I swallow hard. Throat dry, feels like a dirty old ashtray.’

M.J. Newman

Meet M.J. Newman:

MJ Newman is a UK-based Crime/Thriller writer. He lives in the Midlands and enjoys taking his dogs for long walks, allowing his mind to wander to the dark side, dreaming up gritty crime thrillers for readers to enjoy.

He uses his own and others’ experiences to help craft his stories. Having previously worked as a police photographer and a prison tutor he has a tome of stories just waiting to put out there.

His stories are a successful mixture, combining fact and fiction, allowing Newman to delve into the world of both the investigator and the perpetrator, to deliver fast-paced, edge-of-the-seat genre fiction.

You can find him at:


Review by Amazing Grace:

Five gritty short stories.

Each around ten pages.

Dach packing a real punch!

I look forward to more works by this very talented author.

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