Featured: When There Were 9 by C.A. Larmer

Featured: When There Were 9 by C.A. Larmer Purchase:

When the book club takes a holiday, murder comes along with unexpected involvement from surprising sources that has fatal results.

At a remote mountain lodge, deep in isolated rainforest, the MURDER MYSTERY BOOK CLUB gathers to meet four new members, each one hiding a secret of their own…

One is an imposter. One is hunting for something. One has been there before. And one wants long-awaited revenge.

Now with nine members, the book club settles in to discuss their latest mystery, but very soon life begins to imitate fiction as a madman starts bumping off the isolated guests.

First one person is murdered, then another, and then a mighty bushfire ignites in the forest below, cutting the group off entirely.

Employing their own sleuthing skills and a bushfire survival plan, they must unravel each new member’s secret to unmask the real killer and survive the book club from hell.


A fast-paced adventure with lots of twists and turns, for those looking for a contemporary whodunit with a memorable ensemble cast.

Christina Larmer

Meet C.A. Larmer

Christina (C.A.) Larmer tried writing a romance at the age of 13 but pretty soon she’d slaughtered the hero and planted it on the heroine.

It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair that has now resulted in four crime series—including the Ghostwriter Mysteries, the Murder Mystery Book Club, and the new Sleuths of Last Resort—as well as a thriller-suspense and a stand-alone mystery masquerading as a family saga (she’s fooling nobody).

Born and bred in Papua New Guinea, Christina has lived and worked around the world from New York and Los Angeles to London and Sydney.

A journalist, editor, teacher and mentor, she now resides on the east coast of Australia with her musician husband, two sons, a devilish Blue heeler and countless koalas and snakes, none of which come close to the villains in her books. Well, maybe just the Bluey…

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Review by Ozzie Giraffe:

The Murder Mystery book club set off together to a remote mountain lodge, with several new members, to discuss Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

What could possibly go wrong?

People start disappearing, a bush fire breaks out, and they’re stranded on the mountain.

Could they be paralleling the Christie story?

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