Featured: The Wildness of Spring by Lana Lynne

Featured: The Wildness of Spring by Lana Lynne Purchase:

A contemporary Christian romance novel that captures the heart, the soul and imagination of small town America.

Quil meets Mr. Wright and discovers he is all wrong.

An older neighborhood transformed into a subdivision.

Mandi Larkin, head of the Camp Acre’s HOA, insists the oldest resident move because she’s not following the rules.

When Mrs. Long refuses to comply, how far will Mandi go to ensure the old lady leaves?

Attorney Cameron Wright is called to mediate the issue.

How hard can it be?

There’s only one problem: Mrs. Long’s property isn’t technically a part of the HOA, and Dr. Quil Stuart won’t have her nana harassed.

Then there’s the goat . . .

Lana Lynne

Meet Lana Lynne:

Lana Lynne is the author pen name of Lana Lynne Higginbotham in the fiction genre. She is a member of ACFW and the East Texas Christian Writers group.

Lana balanced a career as a speech-language pathologist with her writing until late November 2019. A step of faith led her to step away from the role of SLP to spend more time with family and to focus on her writing.

Her novels include a post-Civil War historical fiction romance series; the contemporary Christian fiction Whimsy’s Heart Book series; a historical fiction based on/inspired by a family member’s childhood adventures; a historical fiction novella based on/inspired by the author’s maternal grandparents’ 1920s love story; a Firebird Book Award-winning Christian historical fiction romance novella; and her new contemporary Christian romance novella: The Wildness of Spring.

Lana lives with her husband in East Texas. They are empty nesters and proud grandparents.

Connect with Lana on her Website: www.lanalynne.com.

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