Featured: The Widow on the Honeymoon Cruise by C.A. Larmer

Featured: The Widow on the Honeymoon Cruise by C.A. Larmer Purchase:

In this gripping, closed-circle thriller, the gang is on the high seas, drawing inspiration from a modern murder mystery.

Four couples set sail on a luxury honeymoon cruise.

Only two will survive.

Luckily for the victims, one of the newlyweds happens to be a member of a very nosey book club…

It’s supposed to be Claire Hargreaves’ dream honeymoon, cocooned on a superyacht with a handful of couples and six crew, exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

But when a passenger is found floating lifeless amidst the coral, romance soon plays second fiddle to murder.

The killer HAS to be one of the group, and Claire couldn’t be more exhilarated (just don’t tell her new hubby, Simon!).

He owns the vessel and is so worried he winches in Detective Liam Jackson, followed by the MURDER MYSTERY BOOK CLUB, masquerading as newlyweds.

In this gripping, closed-circle thriller, the gang are back on the high seas, but this time they’re drawing inspiration from a modern murder mystery.

There are ten secretive suspects to choose from, a stalled engine that may have been sabotaged, and nothing but their sleuthing skills—and some rather fabulous cocktails—to see them through.

C.A. Larmer

Meet C.A. Larmer:

Christina (C.A.) Larmer tried writing a romance at the age of 13 but pretty soon she’d slaughtered the hero and planted it on the heroine.

It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair that has now resulted in four crime series—including the Ghostwriter Mysteries, the Murder Mystery Book Club, and the new Sleuths of Last Resort—as well as a thriller-suspense and a stand-alone mystery masquerading as a family saga (she’s fooling nobody).

Born and bred in Papua New Guinea, Christina has lived and worked around the world from New York and Los Angeles to London and Sydney.

A journalist, editor, teacher and mentor, she now resides on the east coast of Australia with her musician husband, two sons, a devilish Blue heeler and countless koalas and snakes, none of which come close to the villains in her books.

Well, maybe just the Bluey…

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Review by Kindle Customer:

This is one of my favorite series. So happy that Claire is still in the club. I was truly surprised at (who dunnit).

Didn’t see it coming.

I love the quirky characters and the mysteries they solve.

If you haven’t read this series this is a great book, I suggest you start at the beginning of the series and get the backstory and get to know the characters.

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