Featured: The Unquiet Spirit by Penny Hampson

Featured: The Unquiet Spirit by Penny Hampson Purchase:

Review: Unrequited love, revenge, and emotional ties to the past make for a haunting tale filled with twists and turns.

Kate Wilson didn’t believe in ghosts…

Kate is done with men. Broken-hearted after discovering how she’s been duped by her boyfriend, the unexpected legacy of a house in Falmouth is her chance to make a fresh start. But the best-laid plans…

A ghostly figure, doors that lock by themselves, and a charismatic portrait that appears to have a life of its own, signal that Kate’s new home may be haunted – either that, or she’s going mad.

Then there’s her enigmatic neighbour, the broodingly handsome Tom Carbis, who seems to turn up wherever she goes. Despite a strong mutual attraction and a shared passion for Cornwall, Kate suspects that there is much more to him than he’s letting on.

The discovery of a hidden journal leads Kate to a romantic mystery from the past – a mystery with connections to Tom’s family, and one that Kate feels compelled to solve. But unravelling long-buried secrets can be dangerous, as she soon finds out.

Will Kate discover the truth about the past and find her own happy ending? Or will history repeat itself?

A heart-warming ghostly tale sparkling with suspense, humour, and romance.

Penny Hampson

Meet Penny Hampson:

I’ve been passionate about books ever since I first learnt to read. A common refrain at home was that I always had my nose in a book; things haven’t changed, even though I’m now somewhat older.

History is a passion too; it’s great that these two interests combine so well.

With degrees in history and historical research, I’ve spent my working life helping others to achieve publication; now I’ve decided it’s my turn.

My Regency stories are filled with mystery, adventure, and romance – my three favourite themes. I’ve enjoyed writing them and I hope you enjoy reading them.

Visit my website and blog: www.pennyhampson.co.uk

Review by Veronica:

When historian Kate Wilson is bequeathed a lovely home from her godmother, Win, she travels to the town of Falmouth in Cornwall, excited to begin a new chapter in her life and move forward from a recent heartbreak.

Win died in strange circumstances with many thinking her passing was the result of a dementia-linked mishap. Kate isn’t quite sure and when she finds a painting from the past at the house, she begins to believe there is more to her godmother’s demise than first thought.

Early encounters with a handsome, moody man sends her heart racing one minute and outrage bubbling over the next. When she learns Tom Carbis lives in the house next door, Kate is torn—will this newfound acquaintance be friend or foe?

Kate’s new home holds many fine memories, but the unexplained cold spots, a door that mysteriously locks, and the haunting aroma of rosemary soon send her into a sleepless frenzy. Is her imagination in overdrive, or are other forces at work?

When Kate takes on a research project for a client who she later learns is Tom’s mother, a heartbreaking story from the past emerges. Kate and Tom become an unlikely duo as they investigate the strange occurrences around the house and find out more details of the tragic story of the past.

Are the unexplained happenings caused by the spirits of the days gone by, or modern, nefarious entities at play?

Unrequited love, revenge, and emotional ties to the past make for a haunting tale filled with twists and turns. Danger lurks in many corners from the past and present–will Kate’s fate be sealed before her new life begins?

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and its characters–a highly recommended read!

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