Featured: The Titanic Paradox by R.L. Corn

Featured: The Titanic Paradox by R.L. Corn Purchase:

A fascinating time-travel conundrum when a man from the twenty-first century finds himself back in 1912 trying desperately to save the Titanic.

In 2022, Dan Hunt and his wife drive to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, to visit the Titanic Museum for a weekend get-away.

Instead of the vacation that he had planned, Dan finds himself pulled into a situation well beyond his control and understanding.

Dan awakes on April 13, 1912, in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean with his new wife on their honeymoon.

With no grasp as to why or how he got there, Dan must try to pass himself off as John Franklin, an employee of Harland and Wolff and one of the architects of the Titanic.

Hosted in the body of John Franklin, Dan has John’s memories as well as his own.

He will only have a couple of days to save the ship, or at a minimum, save himself and his new wife.

With the remembrances of his previous life slowly fading from his memory, his plight is complicated. If he just knew why he had been sent back to the Titanic.

Meanwhile John Franklin finds himself catapulted into the twenty first century where things have changed for the worse, due to Dan’s interference 110 years earlier.

Begrudgingly Dan and John will have to work together to resolve the Titanic Paradox.

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R.L. Corn with his wife, Marcee

Meet R. L. Corn:

My father was a great storyteller. He had a gift. He would  rock back in his chair with his ever-present King Edward cigar and tell his tales. He was locally known for telling  stories of growing up during the Great Depression.

Even though he was born in the small town of Estill Springs, Tennessee, he told of his exploits of being a cowboy in Texas and New Mexico, and hitchhiking back and forth across the country. He ended up in Columbia, Tennessee where he met my mother.  I can truthfully say that I came by my love of story-telling honestly.

​I spent thirty years working for the “telephone company.” While I had many great times, and met many wonderful people, large corporations do not always encourage creativity. Sometimes, it is not okay to color outside the  lines.

Unfortunately, I am one of those people that struggle to see the lines, much less stay inside of them. Usually, it is a lot more fun to draw new ones!

​After a year of retirement (which I will add is not for everyone), I worked for a large church in Birmingham that not only valued creativity, but encouraged and nurtured it. I met some of the most talented and creative people on the planet. It was in my job description to spend most of my time outside the lines.

In 2013, my wife and I moved to Banner Elk, North Carolina, and I found my passion for writing. I have written over twenty short stories, countless poems and lyrics and co-authored a literary fiction book with my wife (Always Thaddeus – The Resurrection), which was an Amazon Hot New Release.

I was included in the 2021 North Carolina Bards Poetry Anthology (and will have a poem in the 2022 Anthology). Last year, I was asked to contribute an article for Goldenheart II, We Are Your Family that also became an Amazon Hot New Release this year. I am currently writing a recurring magazine article about the trials and tribulations of restoring old British cars.

When I am not writing, I enjoy playing guitar and drums and restoring my old MG. I own and operate an antique store with my wife.

I have just completed my first full-length novel, The Titanic Paradox. While the story is not intended to offer a completely accurate documentation of the events of April 15, 1912, I have tried to convey, with as much detail as possible, the events of that night.

I loved the process of researching the Titanic and tried to portray the details of the ship and its sinking with all of the respect that it is due. I hope that you will enjoy the mix of science fiction, fantasy, and historical record in this time travel adventure from 1912 to 2022 and back again.