Featured: The Siren Hunter by George Dismukes

Featured: The Siren Hunter by George Dismukes Purchase:

Has the siren returned? Would the horror ever end? Every time she thought it was over, it started again.

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She was forced to stand alone against a danger that no one would believe existed.

Not just once.

The problem was, she didn’t know when the horror would end, because every time she thought it was over, it started again!

Angie Holland thought she was through with Belize forever.

But a TV news report about the mysterious disappearance of several scuba divers at the Great Blue Hole sent chills up her spine.

As much as she tried to reject the idea, in her heart, she knew the job was not finished.

She thought the siren was dead!

She had followed the formula precisely to make sure that Maris had been dispatched.

Every instruction, including use of the obsidian dagger, had been followed to the letter.

Now, it seemed like a recurring bad dream.

The bitch was back!

Or was she?

There is no way that Maris could have survived.

Several people, including Angie had seen her dissolve into a pile of ashes.

Could this new havoc be brought on by her equally evil sister?

There was only one way to find out, and only one person to do it.

Angie picked up the phone and made reservations for the quickest flight to Belize.

George Dismukes

Meet George Dismukes:

George spent the first half of his life in pursuit of adventure. This ranged from bullfighting as a youth to milking poisonous snakes professionally at Ross Allen’s Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Florida.

The early ‘60s found him chasing wild animals across the Serengeti in the movie business and operating an animal export company in Iquitos, Peru.

He spent many years exploring archaeological sites of the ancient Maya Indians in Central America and studying their lost civilization.

He also lived in Honduras, where the story, TWO FACES OF THE JAGUAR takes place.

In 1980, he began a video production company in Houston, Texas and worked as a ’triple threat’ (writer/director/producer) creating some of the Houston market’s most creative television commercials.

He won a CLEO award for his production of a series of television PSAs concerning prevention of child abuse, funded through a grant from the University of Houston.

Currently, he lives on the Texas Coast with his soul mate and closest friend, Nadine, where he writes and works in magazine advertising.

His hobbies include growing exotic chili peppers and experimenting with salsa recipes. Above all, George is a devout animal lover and has two dogs, named Pulga and Gizmo, respectively.

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