Featured: The Shine from a Girl in the Lake by Richard Schwindt

Featured: The Shine from a Girl in the Lake by Richard Schwindt Purchase:

A killer is moving quietly in Magnolia Bluff, and if Dr. Michael Kurelek can’t stop him, his academic career may be ruined.

In Book 6 of the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles, an elusive and sadistic murderer emerges to terrorize the faculty and students of Burnet College.

Suspicion falls on Dr. Michael Kurelek, clinical psychologist and archer.

Tormented by grief, and a secret that could destroy his academic standing, he is determined to turn the tables.

Someone in Magnolia Bluff is killing without remorse.

But Kurelek is now the hunter.

Richard Schwingt

Meet Richard Schwindt:

Richard Schwindt is a social worker in Kingston, Ontario.

He is author of more than a fifteen works of self-help, fiction and humor, including Emotional Recovery from Workplace Mobbing, Emotional Recovery from an Affair, the Death in Sioux Lookout trilogy, Social work for Fun and Profit,  Dreams and Sioux Nights, The Love Duology, Scarborough: Confidential and Sioux Lookout: Confidential.

Richard has twice been shortlisted for the International Three Day Novel Contest, and won the 2016 Best Book Award (3rd) and Outstanding Book (self-help) in the IAN Book Awards for Emotional Recovery from Congenital Heart Disease.

He served ten years with OAPSW Newsmagazine, two years on the Community Editorial Board of the Kingston Whig-Standard and in 2007 he was second runner up in Comedian Idol of Kingston.

He has been married thirty-six years, has two adult children and two grandchildren.

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