Featured: The Red Hand by Michael Stephen Daigle

Featured: The Red Hand by Michael Stephen Daigle Purchase:

Great mystery writing is not confined to the past…..it is alive and well in a story that is atmospheric, moody, dark, and thrilling.

Someone is experimenting with…Death!

Rookie detective Frank Nagler has barely had time to arrange his desk when a new homicide case is assigned to him.

Could a serial killer be stalking his hometown of Ironton, New Jersey?

One by one the bodies pile up. Nine victims are killed over several months, all from different walks of life and different parts of Ironton.

Each killed in a different way, forming no clear pattern, as might be expected from a single killer.

The Red Hand is the prequel to The Swamps of Jersey, the book that launched the Frank Nagler Mysteries.

This investigation takes place before economic hard times, political corruption and a government money scandal hit the former industrial center of Ironton, New Jersey.

This story is atmospheric, moody, dark, and thrilling.

Michael Stephen Daigle

Meet Michael Steven Daigle:

Navy brat, with roots in both New England and Deep South.

First story I ever wrote was about a rock band based on my high school band formed with three friends. Oh, that early touch of fame (Ha!).

Long career in newspapers, a great place to learn how to write and observe.

Working on stories that reflect the places I’ve lived, populated with characters I invent.

Michael Stephen Daigle grew up in the Northeast U.S. from the Snowbelt shores of Upstate N.Y. to the woods of Maine and the piers of New Bedford, Mass., all the while writing.

He and his family now live in New Jersey.

His first job was picking blueberries in Maine and his last job was a 33-year career as a newspaper writer and editor.

He wrote his first novel at 22, and a second at 24. The second one years later became the first book of his Frank Nagler Mystery series: The Swamps of Jersey (2014), A Game Called Dead (2016), The Weight of Living (2017); and The Red Hand (2019).
The award-winning Frank Nagler series follows the story of Ironton New Jersey, Detective Frank Nagler as he solves crimes and tries to sort out his troubled life.

Michael says, “I like creating messy mysteries with lots of moving parts and layers of story. It lets my detective hero Frank Nagler lead the reader through the twists and turns.”

Review by Arthur W. Turfa:

The author presents a riveting story of a serial killer unlike any other in a depressed New Jersey town that seeks a rebirth.

Not only is there the well-written story of the case itself, but also how a young detective handles deeply personal and professional crises at the same time.

Michael Stephen Daigle weaves these strands into an excellent work about Frank Nagler, a detective who loves his hometown in spite of everything, and whose devotion to his young wife and duty never waver.

He is a very sympathetic character, and readers will want to be with him every step of the way.

The grittiness of the town and the gruesome nature of the crimes never detract from the excellent writing and plot. Great mystery writing is not confined to the past…..it is alive and well here!

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