Featured: The Otford English Dictionary by John Dolan

Featured: The Otford English Dictionary by John Dolan Purchase:

The Otford English Dictionary is presently available for pre-order and will be released on April 1.

Not to be confused with The Oxford English Dictionary, this is a reference book for the incurably cynical.

Containing hundreds of definitions of a corny or inappropriate nature, it is the ideal gift for that person who hankers after the Good Old Days before political correctness, and who thinks a damn good hiding is still the best cure for anxiety.

If you are easily offended, you should probably buy a proper dictionary; though that won’t make you feel any less depressed about the modern world.

But, let’s be honest, what could?

The little tome contains well over 1,300 definitions, most of which are of a highly inappropriate nature.

Or corny.

Or very dark.

Or all three.

Shrinking violets will definitely not approve.

Come to think of it, Dolan says, I doubt anyone will approve.

John Dolan

Meet John Dolan:

“Makes a living by travelling, talking a lot, and sometimes writing stuff down. Galericulate author, polymath and occasional smarty-pants.”

John Dolan hails from a small town in the North-East of England. Before turning to writing, his career encompassed law and finance.

He has run businesses in Europe, South and Central America, Africa, and Asia. He and his wife Fiona currently divide their time between Thailand and the UK.

He is the author of the ‘Time, Blood and Karma’ mystery series and the ‘Children of Karma’ mystery trilogy.

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