Featured: The Minister’s Wife by John Anthony Miller

Featured: The Minister's Wife by John Anthony Miller Purchase:

Defines a woman who betrays country, family, and friends, defying a ruthless enemy, ripping wrong from right and exposing sordid secrets.

Philadelphia, 1777,

During the American Revolution. Abigail St. Clair knows many secrets, and the damage done if those secrets are revealed.

She arrives in Philadelphia during the British occupation with her new husband, a minister for the Anglican Church, knowing she’ll soon confront her former lover.

Betrayal wears many faces and impacts more than most could know.

When Abigail sinks in scandal not of her own making, fighting wrongs that may never be righted, she steps onto a dangerous precipice, living two very different lives: a devoted minister’s wife, loyal to the Crown, and a colonial spy, tied to a man she loves more than most could imagine.

An awakening draped in fast-paced drama, The Minister’s Wife defines a woman who betrays country, family, and friends to serve a higher purpose, defying a ruthless enemy, ripping wrong from right and exposing sordid secrets.

On a subtler level, it explores the human psyche – love, ambition, trust and guilt – as friends and foes change places, and love emerges to conquer all.

John Anthony Miller

Meet John Anthony Miller:

John Anthony Miller writes all things historical—thrillers, mysteries, and romance.

He sets his novels in exotic locations spanning all eras of space and time, with complex characters forced to face inner conflicts, fighting demons both real and imagined.

Each of his novels are unique: a Medieval epic, four historical mysteries, a Cold-War thriller, a 1970’s cozy/romance, four WWII thrillers, and the Revolutionary War spy novel, The Minister’s Wife. He lives in southern New Jersey.

Review by Anonymous:

A suspenseful and fast-paced drama that takes place in Philadelphia during the American Revolution.

Abigail is torn between two different lives and in the end chooses a path to serve a higher purpose.

This book is a must read!

Review by Enjoyable:

Loved the book. Intrigue, danger, suspense, romance.

Miller has a special talent of putting you in the time and place while you’re reading.

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