Featured: The Many Faces of Grief by Maryann Miller

Featured: The Many Faces of Grief by Maryann Miller Purchase:

Touching stories about love, loss, and hope from a Hospital Chaplain, celebrating patients who allowed Maryann to share their grief journeys.

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Thirty-plus years of ministering to the sick and dying are shared in this memoir that is filled with individual stories from patients, as well as the author’s own grief journey.

Taken from various experiences with people in the hospital, the author relates the importance of music as therapy, the importance of dying with dignity, and the joy of healing, physical and emotional.

The book was compiled from various newspaper columns written over the years for The Texas Catholic Newspaper, as well as the author’s personal blog.

The Many Faces of Grief is offered to bring a greater understanding of life and loss, as well as inspiration for those facing a multitude of grief issues.

One should never be alone in the process.

Maryann Miller

Meet Maryann Miller:

Maryann Miller, an award-winning author, has been in love with storytelling since she was a child and used to scare her sister with stories of the monsters in the cellar.

Those tales were never written down. They were always whispered in the dark, and when Maryann started writing stories, they were different types entirely.

As a young child, she didn’t consider that she would grow up to be a writer. She fancied herself quite the singer and thought she would someday sing in front of crowds of thousands. Alas, that proved to be more dream than reality.

At another point in her childhood, she dreamed of being an actress, but it took many years before she was brave enough to give it a try.

For fifteen years she was the Theatre Director at the Winnsboro Center for the Arts where she directed shows for some time before getting brave enough to step on stage. It appears she was more suited to acting than singing, and she has since starred in several productions at various community theatres in East Texas.

A diverse writer of columns, feature stores, short fiction, novels, screenplays, and stage plays, Maryann has won numerous awards including being a semi-finalist at the Sundance Institute for her screenplay,

A Question Of Honor. She has also received the Page Edwards Short Story Award and the 2015 Best Mystery award for Doubletake.

Miller lives in a small town in Northeast Texas with one dog and four cats. The cats rule! She has been writing all her life and plans to die at her computer.

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