Featured: The Lost Opal by Patty Wiseman

Featured: The Lost Opal by Patty Wiseman Purchase:

The Lost Opal is a fantasy romantic mystery about an ordinary woman who is thrust into an alternate world by an evil mermaid who wants her soul.

As an illustrator for children’s books, Maren Raybourn seeks solitude on the shores of the Pacific Ocean to finish her latest work.

The solace is shattered and replaced with a touch of fear as she encounters an unusual sound coming from the churning waters, accompanied by an indistinguishable form hovering over the water.

Rose Clancy has one desire. To steal the soul of a woman in order to permanently transform from mermaid to human.

She needs to entice a man to love her in order to make the metamorphosis complete.

She finds Captain Drake Morgan.

Captain Morgan is on hiatus from his yacht rental business for some much-needed R&R when he meets Maren on the beach late at night.

Intrigued, he shows up on her doorstep the next morning, groceries in hand, to make breakfast as an apology for startling her the night before.

The attraction grows.

Captain Henry Nelson has been banished to an old schooner in an alternate universe for over two hundred years because he spurned Rose’s advances.

Maren and the two captains will ban together to fight the evil mermaid, Rose, and risk being stranded forever in a parallel dimension.

Patty Wiseman

Meet Patty Wiseman:

Master of the unexpected twist, breathtaking depth, and contagious storylines, romance novelist, Patty Wiseman is the daughter of a WWII Navy vet who survived Pearl Harbor.

She was raised in Washington State, attended The Wesleyan College in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, then moved to Northeast Texas where she has resided for over thirty years.

Several of her short stories have been published in ‘Angie’s Diary.’ Patty is the creator of the Velvet Shoe Collection, historical romantic mysteries set in the 1920’s. An Unlikely Arrangement, is the first of the series. An Unlikely Beginning, the second book was released in July of 2012. The third in the series, An Unlikely Conclusion, was released in August of 2013. Fourth book in the series, An Unlikely Deception, was released August 5, 2016.

Her self-motivational book Success Your Way was published in March of 2016. She is published through Desert Coyote Productions. There are two more series in the works. One is a romantic comedy.

Her first Children’s Book was published on Sept. 24, 2017. Based on a true story that happened to her dog, Rescue at Wiseman’s Pond, is an exciting tale of Cutter’s bravery!

Patty is a VIP 2013 member of the WorldWide Who’s Who Women’s Entrepreneurs and a member of the GFWC-Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs-Marshall Women’s Club. She is also a member of the Texas Association of Authors, a member of East Texas Writers Association, and NETWO.

Patty’s second book in the Velvet Shoe series, An Unlikely Beginning won first place in Romance with the Texas Association of Authors. Patty is a winner in the 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading Contest and has a 2nd place finish in the Forward National Literary Awards contest in Romance, for the first in her series, An Unlikely Arrangement. Her third book of the series won first place, as well. The fourth book in the series won Honorable Mention in the same contest. She has entered and finished twice in the National Novel Writing Month challenge and won both times. 2007 and  2011.

An avid league bowler, Patty is proud to maintain a 145 average on her ladies league. The league quickly turned into a book signing event the first day she timidly displayed her first novel. She sold a total of twenty books and in the same day bowled her highest series yet, a 521 with a high game of 197. Heady stuff indeed.

Patty is married to husband Ron, and has two grown sons and eleven grandchildren. She currently lives in Texas with her husband and her dog Cutter.

You can find out more about Patty on her website www.pattywiseman.com.

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