Featured: The Ghost Wears a Badge by Lolli Powell

Featured: The Ghost Wears a Badge by Lolli Powell Purchase:

River towns have more than charm, family, and cheap old buildings. They also have secrets. And some people will kill to keep them.

Shelby Wolfe doesn’t believe in ghosts, but the one who asks her to solve his murder doesn’t care.

River towns—even ones named Goose Lick—have their charm.

For recently divorced Shelby, Goose Lick also has extended family, which is just what she needs.

It also has an old police station/former hotel for sale cheap, and Shelby knows all about rehabbing old buildings.

But when the former and now deceased police chief appears with his claims of murder, she realizes she’s gotten more than she bargained for.

The chief died of carbon monoxide poisoning, and the town is evenly divided on whether it was an accident or suicide.

The chief insists it was neither, but it seems dead people don’t have access to all the answers.

Shelby agrees to investigate his death in the hope that if she finds them for him, he’ll move on.

She soon finds that river towns have more than charm, family, and cheap old buildings.

They also have secrets.

And some people will kill to keep them.

Lolli Powell

Meet Lolli Powell:

I write cozy mysteries and romances as Lolli Powell, as well as grittier mysteries and thrillers as Laurel Heidtman.

I live with my husband, two dogs, and two cats on private land surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky.

Over the years, I’ve paid the bills by being a dancer, a bartender, a police officer, a registered nurse, and a technical writer.

I draw on that life experience and my two English degrees to create stories that I enjoy writing and hope readers will enjoy reading.

Review by BernieBeth:

I generally avoid books having to do with ghostly apparitions, but since I really enjoy this author’s style of writing and other books she’s written, I delved in.

I am SO glad I did! This book was wonderful. Entertaining characters, well-written mysteries, and charming towns.

I have yet to read a book by this author that left me disappointed.

They always leave me wanting more and this one is no exception.

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