Featured: The Dagger Man by Glenn Starkey

Featured: The Dagger Man by Glenn Starkey Purchase:

Review: Fast paced, emotional, and it felt like you were right there among the crowds watching and feeling history unfold.

Two men born under the same star on the same night are destined to lead intertwined, yet separate paths – one to save people, the other to kill them.

Yeshua is destined to fulfill the prophecies of the Messiah to come, while Hanan fights his country’s Roman oppressors and a corrupt, ruling priesthood.

This heavily political and treacherous era is steeped in the subjugation of a people that have fought for their freedom since ancient times.

The devil has left his mark on Hanan from birth, and it fits him well as he, working alongside the Sicarii, ruthlessly eliminates his country’s Roman oppressors and the corrupt priests from the Sanhedrin Council of the Second Temple.

With Yeshua as Hanan’s only true friend, Hanan must protect him from the devil yet conceal his own true identity as an assassin.

Torn by the treachery of the time, Hanan knows he is damned by the devil’s mark and struggles with the choice of death or redemption.

Glenn Starkey

Meet Glenn Starkey:

Texas born and raised, award-winning author Glenn Starkey is a USMC Vietnam veteran, former Texas law enforcement officer, retired from a global oil corporation as a security manager.

He’s worked as a consultant, lecturer, and interim Security Director of a major Gulf Coast port.

He writes action-adventure thrillers, historical fiction, and non-fiction —and has authored thirteen books.

You can write Glenn at GStarkeyBooks@aol.com.

Review by Glenn Langohr:

There is more truth in this book than in many of the churches today. The author does an amazing job of painting the landscape of Israel and Jerusalem to set the scene with the Sanhedrin, Pharisees and a zealous sect known as the Sicarii, all under Roman occupation.

Hanan is a homeless teen rescued by the militarized Sicarii mafia who take vengeance on dirty priests in some cases and the Roman soldiers.

Hanan becomes a callous and professional hitman with a big heart that Jesus Christ encounters before He Steps into His Ministry as God’s Son. The author toggles the angle like a master director to reveal the historical aspects that surround the life of Jesus Christ

We watch Jesus Christ fulfill reading the scroll from the prophet Isaiah to set the captives free, get baptized by John the Baptist and began his 40 recorded miracles through one vantage point, while Hanan fights his way to the top of the Sicarii from another vantage point.

On the other side we see the Sanhedrin and Pharisees plot to have Jesus crucified and Satan works to influence much of the evil as a character called Abaddon. The plot continues to thicken as Hanan seems to be lost in a murderous rage even though he wants to be saved and find redemption.

He loves Jesus Christ and remembers a conversation he had with him many years ago. Is it enough? Read this book to find out. A Riveting and spiritually eye opening experience.

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