Featured: The Accused by Owen Mullen

Featured: The Accused by Owen Mullen Purchase:

Review: “Well-written novel with richly drawn characters and hard-to-stop-reading plot twists that make this book hard to put down!”

When Private Investigator Charlie Cameron agrees to take on a cold case, he is drawn back into Glasgow’s dark underworld…

Glasgow PI Charlie Cameron knows Kim Rafferty is bad news the moment they meet. Desperate people always spell trouble in his experience, and Mrs Rafferty is as desperate as they come. What she is asking for is insane and if he agrees to help the wife of the notorious East-End gangster, the consequences for them both could be fatal.

Twenty-four hours later, another betrayed woman with a hopeless case is pleading for Charlie’s help. The PI is her only chance to keep an innocent man from serving a prison sentence for murders he didn’t commit.

Dennis Boyd is on the run, and as Charlie fights against the clock to keep him out of jail, he crosses a line that puts him on the wrong side of the law and pits him against his old friend and ally, DS Andrew Geddes.

As the body count grows, and the defence for his client falls apart bit by bit, Charlie refuses to accept the inevitable. But everyone has their limits – even the infamous Charlie Cameron. Will he be forced to admit that this case may be the one to beat him…

Owen Mullen

From Owen Mullen:

Crime is what I’m drawn to create and when I sit down to write I have clear ambitions: I want to produce a book I’d really enjoy reading myself – where the rush I felt when I was writing carries on to the page – the best story yet, thrilling, compelling, with killer twists you can’t see coming; a tale that moves at a cracking pace.

I get a great kick developing the characters who’ll be our travelling companions as we delve deeper into the (usually) murky worlds they inhabit.

Whether you find yourself loving or hating them, the most important thing is that you believe in them; that you will root for them even if they’re the bad guys.

Although my books can be read as standalones, many of them come as a series, which gives you a chance to get to know the players better – like taking a holiday somewhere you’ve been before.

Always something new and exciting to find, yet at the same time, comfortingly familiar.

Review by Frozen_Lizard:

The Accused by Owen Mullen is the fourth book in the Charlie Cameron, P.I. series. I’ve read them all so I feel safe in saying that this is the best one to date (and the others aren’t bad, either).

Charlie Cameron is the best in the business at finding missing persons because he’s obsessive, like a dog with a bone. This time out the people aren’t so much missing as unknown. A man is released from prison after serving fifteen years for a murder he claims he didn’t commit.

That’s all well and good but almost immediately following his release one of the original witnesses turns up dead with all evidence pointing at the recently released man. He’s on the run and wants Charlie to help him out. Find out who framed him fifteen years ago and you find out who’s setting him up now.

At the same time Charlie’s frequent nemesis, notorious crime boss Sean Rafferty, is doing his best to recreate himself as a legitimate businessman… at least on the surface. In reality Rafferty is every bit as crooked as he ever was, and now his trophy wife has decided it’s time to save herself and her young child. Mrs. Rafferty wants to disappear but she knows she’ll need help. She goes to the one man who has ever gotten the better of Rafferty and lived to tell the tale – P. I. Charlie Cameron.

In the space of 48-hours, Charlie has been offered two impossible cases that a wiser man would walk away from. His right-hand man, the savvy and streetwise Patrick Logue, sums it up rather well when he says, “What’ve you gotten us into this time, Charlie?”

This is a page-turner from start to finish. This time out, the two main storylines are fairly distinct from each other, running parallel without a lot of overlap between them as the story gets rolling. The plot unfolds with unexpected twists that make perfect sense in hindsight and some expected turns that just add to the experience. I can’t wait for the next one!

You don’t have to have read the others in the series to read this one, it does fine as a standalone, but there might be a few spoilers referenced from earlier books.

There is strong language, adult content, and violence. Not for young or sensitive readers.

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