Featured: Stephen Michaels and His Upside-down Umbrella by Lana Lynne

Featured: Stephen Michaels and His Upside-down Umbrella by Lana Lynne Purchase:

The past two years have held a bittersweet mixture of loss and hope. Now, his best friend is missing and Stephen has gone deep to find him.

It’s 2017. Five years have passed since Stephen Michaels left the military. Nikki helps him set up a foundation to assist military families through art centers and a trial app to rescue Veterans with PTSD.

God guides them each step of the way. They fall in love, marry, and move to Monterey for Nikki’s new job as an illustrator. Meanwhile, Stephen and an Army buddy work on the final version of his PTSD app.

One night in the midst of a dream, Stephen receives not only the name and design needed to complete the official launch but also spiritual advice about what is to come.

Nikki Michaels adores her husband, but the past two years have held a bittersweet mixture of loss and hope. Now, his best friend is missing and Stephen has gone deep to find him.

But what if he never returns?

Why is life so upside-down?

She’s not sure she can handle any more loss.

Lana Lynne

Meet Lana Lynne:

Lana Lynne is the author pen name of Lana Lynne Higginbotham in the fiction genre. Lana balanced a career as a speech-language pathologist with her writing until late November 2019.

A step of faith led her to step away from the role of SLP to spend more time with family and to focus more on her writing. She has loved writing since childhood.

During a terrible bout of illness at age ten, she utilized her mother’s typewriter for her first attempts. It stirred stories, and she wrote, putting poems and stories in a drawer all the way through school. Her high school creative writing teacher fanned the flames. However, her focus changed in college.

She found her pen again when her daughter entered middle school, and she has continued to write. The resulting works include a post-Civil War series of four novels; a contemporary Christian novella; a historical fiction based on/inspired by a family member’s childhood memories; a historical fiction novella based on/inspired by the author’s maternal grandparents’ 1920s love story; an award-winning historical fiction novella—a love story set in 1878; and her new December 2021 release: Stephen Michaels and His Upside-Down Umbrella, a Christian fiction novel set in 2017. It is the sequel to Whimsy Michaels and Her Amazing Room.

She is a Winged Publications author under the leadership of Cynthia Hickey. Her other writing credits include a creative nonfiction WWII novel, written with a co-author in 2014 under her full name; weekly blog post contributions, (2012-2014) and posts as part of the “Venture Galleries Author Collection” blog team (2013) under her pen name.

She is a member of the East Texas Christian Fiction Writers group and a member of ACFW. She Is a 2021 Firebird Book Award winner in the category of Christian Historical Romance for her novella THREE WHISTLES AROUND THE BEND. Lana lives with her husband in East Texas. They are empty nesters and proud grandparents.

Review by Red Butler:

This is the sequel to the fabulous spirited Christian fiction Whimsy Michaels and Her Amazing Room. This tale carries the same spirit in a story advanced a few years.

Whimsy’s brother Stephen, out of the military now married and living in California has designed an app to be an outreach emergency hotline for suffering vets seeking balance from anxiety, PTSD, depression, or suicidal tendency.

This noble serendipity fiction offers many moments of God-led inspiration or implausible fantasy, depending on a reader’s viewpoint. The story begins with a presentation about the app to a small public crowd.

We are taken by the author with ease into the Christian world of thinking based on scriptural understanding. The reader will see what it is like to know about the life of order and flow in the Holy Ghost, a recognizable continued benefit from the first beyond lovely story of Whimsy.

These are people of dreams and visions from the Lord living today, and the author takes the reader along with a clarified vision.

There is a great explanation of how smells can trigger a soldier’s PTSD. At the midpoint, the book takes a turn from the domestic and workaday world into some well-handled intrigue as Stephen goes searching for his best friend a military contractor that is MIA.

There is a terrific mystery man character that holds mystical secrets of covert warfare in the face of the evils that shadow governments bring about. This character stole the show. This conflict effectively mirrors the current situation in the real world around us.

The downside of this work is the excess of purely domestic banter that could have been excised to tighten the script. The book has the spirit of the first but little of the punch, and though not a stand-alone sequel, it is its own diverse direction, merely reminiscent of the first.

Nevertheless, the writing and research is obviously a quality laden skill and is a profound bird’s eye view into the blessed mechanics of a supernatural Christian marriage, as well teaching many other solid principles of beautiful acceptance creating order, and proper relationships (even within the military) with people of all types.

If the author continues the series I hope that the mystery man is the next focus.

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