Featured: Smart Girls Don’t Trust Strangers by C.A. Larmer

Featured: Smart Girls Don't Trust Strangers by C.A. Larmer Purchase:

For lovers of traditional detective mysteries with humour, suspense, friendship, and “grand reveals” that leave you gasping.

THE IMPOSSIBLE MYSTERYYoung Chanel has vanished on her daily walk. The evidence points to a charming kayaker, but there’s something very strange about his story. Luckily for ‘Nel, “strange” is just what the amateur sleuths live for.

THE SLEUTHS OF LAST RESORTCluedo champ Merry, fearless reporter Frankie, ex-copper Earle, mystery author Martin and renegade PI Kila should all be on cloud nine after their last case, but they’re floundering and desperate for a distraction. When Sir George calls with another mind-bending mystery, they can’t get their trench coats on fast enough.

AND SO THE ADVENTURE CONTINUES Using their collective experience and expertise, the team quickly uncovers falsehoods, fresh suspects, and an unexpected corpse. And all while trying to make sense of their own spiraling lives…

With more twists and turns than Nel’s walking trail, the follow-up to BLIND MEN DON’T DIAL ZERO is the second in this fun, fast-paced series for lovers of traditional detective mysteries with humour, suspense, friendship, and “grand reveals” that leave you gasping.

C.A. Larmer

Meet C.A. Larmer:

Christina (C.A.) Larmer tried writing a romance at the age of 13 but pretty soon she’d slaughtered the hero and planted it on the heroine. It was the beginning of a beautiful love affair that has now resulted in four crime series—including the Ghostwriter Mysteries, the Murder Mystery Book Club, and the new Sleuths of Last Resort—as well as a thriller/suspense and a stand-alone mystery masquerading as a family saga (she’s fooling nobody).

Born and bred in Papua New Guinea, Christina has lived and worked around the world from New York and Los Angeles to London and Sydney.

A journalist, editor, teacher, and mentor, she now resides on the east coast of Australia with her musician husband, two sons, a devilish Blue heeler, and countless koalas and snakes, none of which come close to the villains in her books. Well, maybe just the Bluey…

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From C.A. Larmer:

The second adventure for my motley amateur sleuths starts with a real-life experience that actually happened to me.

Luckily I came away unscathed—as for young Chanel Chambers?

Well, you’ll have to read past the Prologue to see!

This book was a lot of fun to write and it was so lovely to bring this eclectic crew back together. Enjoy.

Praise for Smart Girls Don’t Trust Strangers:

“A fast-paced, entertaining mystery. This book began with an incredible prologue… it allowed me to actually ‘witness’ the beginning of the victim’s demise and yet I still wasn’t able to solve the mystery. I had to wait for it the be revealed to me at the end of the book. I love it when a mystery keeps me guessing–and this one surely did!

“I also really enjoyed the odd collection of sleuths. Each had their own little personal stories, challenges, and skill sets, which added interest to the story. And while these sleuths had next to nothing in common, they had mutual respect for one another and recognized each other’s worth and contributions to the group, which was the magic ingredient of this group’s success.”
— Cinbug for BOOKSPROUT

“C.A. Larmer tells the thrilling story of a group of sleuths who investigate the disappearance of Chanel Chambers after being hired by her mother. Through their intensive investigations, the team hones in on Chanel’s ex, Colin Boyder, and philanderer Crispin Regatta. When someone close to Chanel is found murdered, the team focuses their investigation on the rest of the neighbors…

“I thoroughly enjoyed (it). Author C.A. Larmer does a fantastic job of creating a variety of interesting characters with a mix of different personalities, all contributing to solving the case. The scenes and locations are all well described including the crime scene and apartment building. The story is smooth flowing from beginning to end and filled with loads of twists, turns, and surprises. The intriguing investigative process and dialogue contribute to the story. An absolute delight to read, this book is highly recommended to all adults who enjoy a good crime novel.”
— Natalie Soine for READERS’ FAVORITE

“Entertaining book centered around amateur sleuths that provide to assistance to the police whether they want them to or not. The characters are from disparate backgrounds that when brought together are successful at solving crimes. Interesting storyline and a well plotted crime rounds out the enjoyment!”
— Anne Glass Kasaba for BOOKSPROUT

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