Featured: The Sindicate by J.S. Frankel

Featured: The Sindicate by J.S. Frankel Purchase:

    The unlikely crime-fighting duo Nate and Melanie are back to take on the other Earth’s Crime Sindicate.

    Nate Holliday and his girlfriend, Melanie Sarkosian, are back. This time, they’re fighting crime across the great state of Portland. While earthly law and order is Nate’s main focus—that, and graduating high school—he is soon contacted by a representative, Titanic Man, a member of a crime-fighting group from a parallel Earth.

    It seems that trouble is brewing on Earth-Seventeen, a world similar to ours in terms of clothing and design, but with more advanced technology.

    It seems that one member of the good guys has been captured by the opposition. Ukiko Monaghan, also known as Dividing Woman, has gone missing, and Nate and Melanie are the only ones capable of bringing her back.

    It won’t be easy. Ukiko has fallen in with—or been taken captive by—Alvin ‘Big Boy’ Larpis, the most feared gangster who sends his minions to various Earths in search of materials to build the ultimate weapon.

    However, when Alvin sends a hit squad to Nate’s and Melanie’s home world, things get darker, more personal, and Nate has to make a terrible choice of seeking vengeance or upholding the law.

    J.S. Frankel

    Meet J.S. Frankel:

    J.S. Frankel was born in Toronto, Canada and grew up there, receiving his tertiary education from the University of Toronto and graduating with a double major in English Literature and Political Science.

    After working at Gray Coach Lines for a grand total of three years, he came to Japan at the age of twenty-six and has been there ever since, teaching English to any and all students who enter his hallowed school of learning.

    In 1997, he married Akiko Koike. He, his wife and his two children, Kai and Ray, currently reside in Osaka. His hobbies include weight training, watching movies when his writing schedule allows, and listening to various kinds of music.

    His novels, all for the YA set, include Twisted, Lindsay Versus the Marauders and it’s sequels, Lindsay, Jo, and the Tree of Forever, and Lindsay, Jo and the Well of Nevermore, all courtesy of Regal Crest Enterprises. He has also written the Catnip series (five novels), Mr. Taxi, The Titans of Ardana and its sequel, The Titans of Ardana 2: Battlefield, along with Picture (Im)perfect and more novels, courtesy of DevineDestinies.com.

    Future projects for Devine Destinies include the final novel in the Titans trilogy, the final novel in the Just Another Quiet… trilogy, The Undernet, the re-release of Star Maps, and more. He is also the author of The Menagerie and The Nightmare Crew trilogy, all courtesy of Finch Books.

    Review by Wanda Cooper:

    The unlikely crime-fighting duo Nate and Melanie are back to take on other Earth’s crime Sindicate headed by Big Boy who is half man half whale and rules his organization with fear and deadly reprisal.

    The two teens are enlisted to rescue and team up with Ukiko also known as Dividing Woman to bring the massive mobster down before he can destroy their planet.

    A highly entertaining and enjoyable read from this sequel that I liked even more than the first as it delved into a deeper and more intriguing storyline.

    Well written and well-executed. Another victory for the writers Y/A audience.

    To The Author- You are on an incredible streak of Five Star rated books – Congratulations on another hit!

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